Upgrade and Repair/Replacement Parts for Toy Story toys

Putting this here because I’m not producing anything myself, just talking about the idea of it.

Some fandoms and toylines have aftermarket reproduction and upgrade parts available to them, and I think it would be nice if Toy Story got in on that action.

On the repair/replacement end there’s Mr. Potato Head parts, Woody’s hat, badge, holster, and sometimes his vest and bandana too, Jessie’s hat, and of course assorted pieces of Buzz that can break or get mislaid after popping off (as well as accessories that can get lost, like Intergalactic Buzz’s launcher and disks, or the communicator covers from most Buzzes that have them)… And probably more that’s slipping my brain. It would be nice if someone would take on the task.

And on the upgrade side of things, I’ve got a fair few ideas:

  • Replacement jetpacks for original-mold Thinkway Buzzes, that have swing-and-telescope wings like Disney Store, Signature Collection, and other later Buzzes. Let’s face it, the purely-telescoping wings on the original Buzz mold are far and away its greatest shortcoming. They’re overly stubby, and their mechanisms are rather prone to failure. I think it would be perfectly possible to do a swing-wing jetpack that made use of the original locking prongs.
  • Replacement left forearms for original-mold Thinkway Buzzes, that have actual opening wrist communicators. I’m sure all of us who owned one of these as a kid were highly disappointed by the absence of the communicator. It would be good to have an option to fix that without having to buy a whole new Buzz (same goes for the jetpack issue)
  • Replacement jetpack back panels for various Buzzes, that have mounting slots for the Intergalactic version’s disk launcher.
  • Replacement hands for assorted Buzzes, these hands having a more full articulation scheme than your average stock Buzz hand (at minimum, all fingers separate with some slight sideways movement. and balljointed wrists).
  • A clutch system for the Disney Store/JCP Buzz’s karate chop action, and accompanying replacement shoulder ball, to allow his right arm free movement
  • Replacement shoulder sockets for various Buzzes to allow his shoulders better inward movement (advanced mod, would require cutting to install)
  • Replacement abdomen with actual accordion-tubed crunch joint (advanced mod)
  • Utility belt that actually has the utility gadgets and a buckle that lights constantly when active. Might require including replacement front and back pelvis halves, although a completely independent one would be cool to see pulled off. In any case, if accurate there would definitely be a regular Buzz waistband under it.
    ** It’d be cool to see assorted varieties of belt with varied loadouts, too
  • Assorted handheld accessories for Buzz
  • Reproduction of the Disney Store visor’s spring system for original-mold Buzzes
  • Alternate heads (both generic and based on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command), to turn extraneous Buzzes into different Space Rangers.
  • Replacement Buzz heads (for assorted makes of 12" Buzz, but mainly the Disney Store) with screen-accurate “Toy mode” face
  • Replacement Woody heads with screen-accurate “Toy mode” face.
  • Actual gramophone voicebox for Woody (I realize that one’s a tad crazy)
  • Separate Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head eyes and shoes, with pegs sized to match the 1985-2009 spud. Obviously this would require drilling holes in them to work, but so it goes.
  • Replacement head for 15" Zurg that actually has the Zurg Vision lens.
  • Kit to turn the lame 2019 Mr. Mike into a real recorder

It would also be nice to see people tackle things that have yet to get a proper official treatment (such as Stinky Pete, or full-size Zurgbots), or that are too rare (screen-size Ham)… But I understand that being a dicey proposition.

What do people here think? Assuming there are any real users still reading.