User "Favorite Pixar Movie" Options?

I think that the ability to list your favorite Pixar film in your bio is a great idea! But I was wondering – when will it be updated again for Cars 2 and Brave? That, and shouldn’t there be an “All of the Above!” option? After all, that’s what I would list. What think?

Unfortunately, our only site coder is extremely busy most of the time, and also hard to get in touch with. We understand that the members are wanting the site to be expanded in many different ways, but frankly, we don’t have the means to expand right now with our coder being out.

I appreciate all the fantastic ideas, but please try to understand our current limitations. At some point, we would love to have one or more other coders come on board to help keep the site looks updated, fresh, and relevant.

little chef

It’s not so much a lack of understanding; it’s a lack of communication from the Mods to the members. If several films have come out since the time of the last site update, of course we’re going to get curious. Isn’t that what the Announcements board is for? That’s why we start threads inquiring about if/when the site is getting updated. Otherwise, we won’t ever be in the know. So if the Mods find it necessary to point fingers, I only hope they have a mirror handy.

I was simply trying to be informative due to the lack of communication you mentioned. Most of us mods have a big life outside of PixarPlanet and we can’t always be relaying things to you guys immediately, and we apologize. I’m not sure where you got the idea of “pointing fingers”, but I can assure you I was only trying to explain the situation, and hope that you all understood.

At the same time, as a mod with no ability to change anything as far as site updates go, it can get a bit frustrating when we get thread after thread cropping up, asking us why nothing in the site’s design changes. We’re not insensitive, nor are we ignoring those questions. We just have no way to answer them beyond what we’ve already said, having to explain the situation with our coder, and feel even more inadequate as moderators because we don’t have the ability to update the site ourselves. I hope that clears things up a little better.

little chef

Whoa, hey! I wasn’t trying to cause a fight! I was just curious! :blush: And hey, if I knew more about web programming, I’d be willing to help you guys with updating PixarPlanet some. But it’s not a big deal! You can close the thread and stuff it away into the archives if this is a problem…

Hey! Cars 2 and Brave!