Verny's fanart(Ratatouille)(Cars)

Remy’s Cloud Nine
Anton Ego
Chick and the King
Chick Hicks

Enjoys!!! :sunglasses:

You’re art is absolutely great. Welcome to the boards, dude. :wink:

Hey, Verny! You joined! Heheh. Nice to see you on the boards… :wink:

I love your Chick Hicks sketches, and the “Cloud Nine” composition is quite colorful and eye-catching. Anton Ego is also very convincing in a facial outfit of expressionless attire.

Nice work, and welcome to Pixar Planet!

– Mitch

Thanks muches guys and I’m thinking of drawing some more stuff…Ratatouille orientated of course I have had this urge to do a Steve Irwin tribute pic for a while but…I’ll do the Ratatouille stuff first

Verny - Cool! Do keep in mind, though, that only Pixar-related fan art is allowed here. Anything beyond that is unacceptable. Just letting ya’ know. :wink:

Hey Verny! Welcome to Pixar Planet. I think your art is really incredible! NIce work.

Wow - I like those - especially the Ego one. They remind me of the Studio Art collection we have at the Disney Store and you capture the characters and story quite well. May I ask about how long you typically spend on one of these? =)

And Welcome to Pixar Planet!

Hey, I know you! :smiley: Welcome to the boards, Verny! I’m tugaMaggie on dA, by the way. :wink:

I love the first one, Remy looks adorable… <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

I love your Anton Ego sketch, dude. Would love to see more…:smiley:

And welcome! :wink:

Well typically it takes me around three hours tofinish it if I’m going to color it and about and hour if it is sketched…thank you all!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

beautiful art!

Verny- Nice to see you around!

:smiley: I love your drawings, especially your Anton Ego sketch- you’ve got a really cool shading style there.