Virtual Aquarium Screensaver?

Hey guys,

I was just watching Finding Nemo for the millionth time, and remembered how one of the DVD’s came with some Virtual Aquarium loops as a bonus feature! I was just curious…has anyone found these available for download? If not, does anyone know how to rip those from the disc?

I just thought it would make a pretty cool screensaver for my laptop, or maybe my computer at work…(it’d show off my Pixar obsession for sure :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I was just curious if anyone was able to use those (besides putting Disc 2 on…etc)

I’ve never seen that anywhere but it would be awesome if someone could find out how to do it.

Wow, this is a good idea! I’d like the virtual aquarium screensaver on my computer!

I’d like it if i could even use a screensaver on my laptop…

I know about the Virtual Aquarium, it’s on my dvd. There are quite a few of them on the dvd, however I have not found any LIVE screensavers of Finding Nemo for the computer Just regular still screenshots.