Vowellet: An Essay by Sarah Vowell

I’m surprised that there’s no thread about this!

Special feature on TI DVD.

I <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" /> this presentation… Vowell is the perfect voice talent for Violet. It just gives a clue on how Vowell’s personality works soooooooooooo well for a character like Violet, and this documentary shows that.

Anyways, thoughts?

I wish they hadn’t dropped this from the German TI DVD.
All the other bonus features are there, except for this one. :frowning:

DId you read her book? I didn’y get to but my mom bought it from Barnes and Noble.

I gotta say that I found Vowellet a very enjoyable watch. I loved how we got an in-depth background on probably one of the underrated characters in the movie. I loved watching it and the exclusive Violet clips (of her talking about her curves and the laser gun accident)

I thought the special test animations with the laser gun and the “gangly” discussion were cute, and wish they could’ve been in the movie.
Here’s what I think: because she was so popular and an instant favorite, “The Incredibles 2” will definitely have Violet as the MAIN protagonist, and I’m sure Sarah Vowell (and the rest of the cast) will be more than happy to return.

Violet is more likely to be 1 of the secondary characters of the sequel rather than a main protagonist like her dad was in the 1st film (since the sequel is putting the parents and the family in the spotlight, she’ll probably remain a major character going forward), however if a 3rd film were to happen she could be the main character for it (since the Family Dynamic story would have been dealt with by then).

And there was a reason why the “gangly” scene was dropped from the film (it was part of the extended scene after Bob and Lucius had left the house and when Violet was going ballistic on how Jack-Jack was the only supposed normal child of the house and she would have raged on further about her body), it was far too dark and had an anorexic theme which was something Pixar wasn’t willing to put in a kids film yet at the time (along with the fact anorexia was a big issue for teenage girls when the film was in development so the extended scene was axed, this could also explain why the “curves” part was axed as well as it would have made the scene too long and a little suggestive for viewers, it’s likely to be added in the sequel since it’s 1 of the dropped content from the 1st film, but then Bird would have to create a new dinner scene that doesn’t end in another Violet/Dash brawl to fit that in (or have Violet and Helen have a nice mommy/daughter talk over Violet’s body image issues).

As for the laser gun scene featuring Violet I’ve seen it (thank you Google) and it was funny, it’s likely to have taken place on Syndrome’s Island or in Edna’s lab (1 of the 2) and was dropped to keep the film at proper length.