Wall•E and Johnny 5 similarities !!!

Wall•E and Johnny 5: similarities ???

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You remember this attractive movie: Short Circuit 1986 comedy sci-fi film starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg and directed by John Badham?

I think that to the Pixar have inspired for the character of WALL-E to Johnny 5!

Watch the pictures for a confront, … it is undeniable the similarity!

You does thought of it?

I think some of WALL•E was inspired by some of Johnny 5.

I can’t wait to see WALL•E! :smiley:

For a technology class I took back in high school, we had to build robots from those fancy lego robot kits that could traverse 3 unknown obstacles without requiring assistance from the operator. Almost the whole class used the triangular tread design because it offered stability and took the least amount of energy to make it go. Also, we all used sensors that could read light and movement. The best solution was two sensors placed parallel near the top of the robot, because of consistency in reading a changing environment from a high elevation. During the building process, all of us didn’t get to see each others design until the competition. Needless to say, we all thought that everyone had stolen everyone elses design, but we got a chuckle out of it.

And just look at how this relates to human anatomy.

So, I don’t think WALL-E is harfing on Johnny 5’s style, its just good design for robots that can’t be monitored on a constant basis.

Oh yes! I used to love Short Circuit when I was little. The first thing that came to mind when I saw a picture of WALL•E was how much he looked like Johnny 5. WALL•E is cuter than Johnny 5, but J5 is cooler. I must say that WALL•E is stockier than Johnny 5, but the treads, eyes, and neck are very similar. I’m not saying that Pixar copied it, but they defintely took a lot of inspiration from him.

I think that WALL•E is a mix of Johnny 5, R2-D2, ET, and Lenny the Binoculars.

People at Pixar have come out and stated that a huge inspiration for Wall E was ET both in design and attitude. As far as his head goes I think that comparison is way more obvious than anything else, and as said before the treads are a common robot trait that also can fit into his square shape. I think all the people that are saying Pixar “stole” a robot are just uncomfortable with the notion that Pixar can consistently come out with beautiful stories and characters with each film they do.

hm … what is Johnny 5…

From the movies “Short Circuit” and “Short Circuit 2.”

I don’t think WALL-E was inspired by Johnny 5 (not that I’ve seen Short Circuit) the similarities are too vague and general, he looks more like the Nintendo R.O.B. I think he wasn’t inspired by a pre-existing character, but by qualities that would make a robot cool, which other robots seem to have.

I guess I can see the similarities, but there are general preconceptions of what a robot ‘should’ look like, and if you ask a whole bunch of people to each draw a robot design, there’d always be similarities. So, I think whatever similarities there are between Wall-E and this Johnny 5 character are probably just coincidences.

My first thought upon seeing WALL-E was that he reminded me of Johnny 5.

My post upon WALL-E’s reveal:

Apparently I had forgotten what the rest of Johnny 5 looked like…

The head and tread are the only shared features that WALL*E and Johnny 5 have. I’ll admit that both me and my dad noticed the similarity at first but you go on to notice that the body and arms a completely different.

I’ve seen the Short Circuit movies, and while they make Johnny 5 a powerful weapon, he always looked as delicate a a marionette. While WALL*E looks Ford tough and very cute.

Also, you mentioned that he was built to resemble E.T. Well if you look at him, he really does look like he could be an E.T. puppet/animatronic without the skin on.

Overall, head and tread is not enough to say he was copied.

E.T. was more of a blob than a robot. Johnny 5 was more of a weapon than a robot.

And no, WALL•E is not a mix of the two. WALL•E is WALL•E.

Aah, Johnny 5 may have started life as a weapon, but then he got struck by lightning and became a combination English major/couch potato and a veritable repository of pop culture references. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a book and started thinking of Johnny 5 in the bookstore. “Need input. More input!” Maybe we’d finally achieve world peace if all weapons were like Johnny 5 - they’d be so funny that we’d want to hang out with them and they’d never get sent to war.

Pixar Planet already works like that anyway, right? XD

I always thought he had a little bit of Lenny in him in the face

Uh…no. WALL•E is not LENN•E or anything. WALL•E is WALL•E, designed for the film WALL•E.

A113- I think Obie means that Lenny resembles WALL-E, not that he was inspired by Lenny. Anyways, WALL-E was inspired by binoculars, not Lenny, but they where binoculars, so Lenny’s influence is somewhat there.

Exactly. WALL-E has big, expressive eyes. Lenny is nothing but a big pair of eyes with feet.

You beat me to the punch, martini.

I was simply stating that the Lenny and Wall-E shared some similar characteristics. The big expressive eyes, and a little bit of the bent binocular shape.

Yes there are simularities between Johnny 5 and WALL-E but there are also simlularities with the Drones from the 1972 film Silent Running.

Box like and beat up. :sunglasses:

Ok…Maybe nothing too simular but he still looks cool.