WALL•E as a LEGO Game...

I’ve actually contemplated this thought ever since I got LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars a few weeks ago. I even discussed it with my brother. :stuck_out_tongue:

The question is… what if Tt Games decided to make a LEGO WALL•E game?!!

Analyzing the structure of the LEGO Games, it always is the same format:

-Two characters you can switch between for different functions

-Certain characters have special abilities

-A Story Mode and a Free Play mode

-A certain number of studs to attain a high status (i.e. True Jedi, True Adventurer, Super Hero)



-A Hub where you can switch between a wide selection of characters and look for extras

Knowing this, I’ve actually jotted down some ideas for how WALL•E as a LEGO game would progress. I was thinking that the first level would have WALL•E and Hal out and about town (much like the actual WALL•E game), and Hal would have some super jump ability. Also, there would be Free Play areas that are “Steward Access Only” :smiley:

Feel free to pitch in any other ideas!

I’ve played all Lego games to 100% (I still haven’t Lego Clone Wars), and I usually wish they made a game from another franchise I like (to date I’ve got my wishes with Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean… Still waiting for Lego Lord of the Rings to be announced)

I’ve often wished we could get some Lego Pixar game, but I don’t know if it would work, mainly because most of the mini-figures won’t be human, but also because all games are based on franchises and not single movies, so the only one that would classify is Toy Story (but then you have the minifigure trouble again, and the fact that licensed characters like Barbie, Mr. Potato and Slinky can’t appear).

I still think Lego isn’t ready to release a Pixar based videogame, but if it would, I would choose The Incredibles.

I think the Lego Wall-E would be an even cuter and funny experience!

Yeah, i guess those images would make sense, but what about eve?

Here’s some:

Just as long as you get to play as M-O this time, I’d be excited for another WALL-E video game.

And M-0?

I want a WALL-E LEGO game! And EVE looks very strange as a lego. I’m not complaining, I know it’s difficult to build a oval out of squares!

I’m pretty sure that if LEGO did release a WALL•E line, they could make a rounded egg-shape for EVE. Not all LEGO pieces are square (i.e. Ahsoka Tano’s head-tails and R2-D2, for example, from their Star Wars line).

Hmm… I’ve been imagining M-O having a role in my hypothetical idea of a LEGO WALL•E game. He’d have some sort of cleaning ability on stains along a trail.

best M-O minifig I could find:

probably not to scale though but whatev

Well, LEGO minifigures are rarely to scale. Yoda is just a tiny bit shorter than the rest of the characters, for example.

And yes, I imagine EVE’s head being something like R2’s dome.

That’s a really good LEGO M-O!

WALL-E seems to be pretty built for the LEGO Universe (haha LEGO puns). Though I can understand why it might or might not work; perhaps what we need is a complimation Pixar Lego game, made up of movie-based minigames. Of course, this might be seen as redudant since we have Infinity now, but just brainstorming…
Also, I wonder what would the humans look like as minifigures? And could we even classify them as "mini"figures? 8D