Wall-E Commentary

I had a cool idea to make my own Wall-E commentary with my own voice as I’m watching the movie. I am currently working with a new audio recorder (that is a lot longer than than the default audio recorder of 60 seconds), and i am about to get started on the commentary right about now!

Awesome :slight_smile: I’d love to do something like that myself.

I’m going to try to do it when i have some free time. That day was not the best time to since i had some stuff to do and a long party to attend!

So, finally, here is the Commentar-E that i have attempted to put a link to for at least the past 36 hours, so without further stalling time with my typing, here it is!:


P.S.: I put up a previous topic that probably got flagged because there was no video, so PLEASE don’t delete this one since I got the link!

P.P.S.: Actually, i had just found this section of the Fan Base thread with my other post in it, so forget about the P.S. mark, and go right ahead and delete the other commentary on the videos section.