WALL-E: Dirty or Clean?

Would you rather have Wall-E be as Clean as they were shipped in the beginning, or be as dirty as he originally Was?

  • Dirty
  • Clean

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I’ve pondered something watching this movie over and over again, did anyone notice the super clean Wall-E’s that were shipped out on that hologram screen during Wall-E’s adventures, and i just want to know: Would Wall-E look cuter, more adorable and prolific if he was as clean as the newly brought upon Wall-E’s, or the one who’s piled through 700 years of dust, grime and garbage?

He’s iconic dirty, but my germophobic tendencies force me to pick clean. :laughing:

I picked dirty, it’s kind of adorable that he’s covered with dirt and dust.

I went with dirty. It’s the thing that makes him stick out from the rest, the one who has continued to maintain his duty for the past 700 years without the slightest regret of filth or hygiene!

Hmm, that’s hard, I think I would prefer him to be clean and germ free, but for the movie I like him dirty.

I like him better dirty.

He’s cuter when he’s dirty. <3

pats WALL•E’s head

if your so engrossed in Wall-E, why do you have an avatar of Lu?

Clean. Dirt is indicative of his personality but I’m like M-O, with an obsessive compulsive directive running through my brain every minute. I would love to restore him to his natural pristine BNL Brand New look.

Also dirty because it’s a nice contrast to the sleekness of EVE.