WALL•E Fan Commentaries

That’s why I would prefer to commentate on a day other than Saturday or Sunday, since it would be just too much of a disadvantage to you guys to stay up that late and/or wake up that early. There’s no way on Earth that I’d make you guys do that on my account.

Heheh. Well, I’m in the same boat. I don’t want to disadvantage anyone, so if Saturday works out better for all of you guys then I’ll simply participate in the next WALL-E commentary. However, if we can do it next Tuesday or some other day then that’s fine by me. We’ll have to see how it goes.

– Mitch

But because of the time zones, someone has to end up getting up early or staying up late, so don’t worry too much about that. I actually don’t mind getting up early, and if I’m not commentating then it doesn’t even matter too much again.

There’s also the option of doing the commentary at this time:

Los Angeles: Fri 10:00pm
New York: Sat 1:00am
London: Sat 6:00am

But, again, if it’s more convenient to do it on the 5th we can do it then and I’ll say hello after the commentary is finished. :wink:

EDIT: Ok, you guys can go ahead and do it at this time and Peter will host and record:

Los Angeles: Thur 11:45am
New York: Thur 2:45pm
London: Thur 7:45pm
Adelaide: Fri 6:15am

I may be able to be there from the beginning, but I’m not quite sure. I should be added to the conversation half way through so I can record and listen, but in any case I’ll talk to you during the break and/or at the end of the commentary. Have fun! =)

Are you certain? The commentary would seem kind of empty without you there, but if you really don’t mind then I suppose we can go on ahead and record the session this Thursday. Would you be able to participate in the second WALL•E commentary (which will be coming up later on in the year)?

– Mitch

Are you sure about that, Rachel? It seems such a shame for you to have organised all of this and then not to participate this time round.

I can do the 7.45pm on Thursday if that’s the one we’re going for. The Saturday time was fine too, so whichever is best for everyone really.

I asked the guest that is staying over whether it would be alright if I used the computer from 6am and she said that would ok, maybe I should double-check though, she may have misheard me, heheh. (It’s my grandma that’s staying over.) So I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it this Thursday. is excited But if you hear someone speaking in the background or the TV, just ignore it but when you guys are doing the commentary I’ll have my mic switched off anyway. So I guess I’ll speak to you then. If you have any questions feel free to ask! =)

Peter - If I’m not online by 3pm your time, feel free to start the conference call without me and host etc. Unless my computer crashes or whatever I will probably be there, though.

Because I’ll be commenting on WALL•E with Actine and thedriveintheatre next week, I wouldn’t need to participate in the WALL•E commentary again later in the year, but I guess I could if I really wanted to.

Rachel - That’s great, Rachel! I’m glad that you’ll be able to participate after all. :smiley:

I actually did get a chance to check my schedule for next week a few days earlier than I had planned, and I found out that, from this Friday to next Thursday, I’ll only be working two days. Needless to say, I’m extremely relieved about this. I’ll only be working on Saturday and (I think) on Thurdsday (of next week), so I actually would be able to participate in a commentary next Tuesday if that works out better for you guys. However, since it sounds as if everyone will be able to commentate this Thursday then I guess it doesn’t matter.

Mmm. I see. Understood. Just curious.

– Mitch

So, it’s gonna be tomorrow then? Yay! And I’m glad you can make it, Rachel! Perfect! :smiley:

Thanks girls. =) By the way, I won’t be commentating tomorrow, just recording and chatting before and after (just in case you thought that I was commentating.)

Mitch - It’s good to know that if things don’t work out for Thursday, we have next Tuesday to fall back on. But fingers crossed that the commentary will go well tomorrow!

Rachel - You’re welcome!

Ah, I see. So you’ll just be recording then? That’s what I figured. Either way, it’s great to know that you’ll be able to participate in tomorrow’s commentary in some way. :slight_smile:

No problem. I’m sure that everything will go well tomorrow. I’m doing my best to gather as many notes as possible before the session begins!

– Mitch

I just realised, I’ve got the wrong version of WALL-E, the PAL version or something. Will it be okay to use my version even though the timing is slightly different? Or if someone can send me the other version, that’d be great.

lizardgirl - I’m sure that Rachel would be able to send you a file of the other version, but if that isn’t possible then I’m sure it would be perfectly all right if you used your PAL version. :slight_smile:

– Mitch

Scratch that last post, I managed to find the other version of WALL-E that I think Peter sent me a while ago. Panic over. :laughing:

lizardgirl - Ha-ha. Well, I’m glad that you recovered the other file! :smiley:

I’ll be ready to begin the commentary with you guys in just a few minutes. Heh. I was up until midnight last night doing some extra studying for the commentary. :unamused:

– Mitch

Here’s the first part of our first WALL-E commentary. Part 2 will be available sometime in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for doing that, Peter. =)

Hey peeps. I know the first WALL•E commentary hasn’t even finished being uploaded yet, but I thought I’d start preparing for the second one since the first available date is soon.

This is for me, Actine and thedriveintheatre. lizardgirl and qxgnxamy if you’re free during any of those times you can feel free to join in again, too. (Mitch from what I gathered during the voice chat you said you wouldn’t be interested in participating in the second one again, but the same applies to you if you change your mind.)

I suppose on some nights I could stay up late for a change… :wink: (Peter if you wouldn’t mind possibly starting 30mins earlier on those sessions, that would make things a lot easier for me.)

Tuesday 10th March
Los Angeles: 3:30am
New York: 6:30am
London: 10:30am
Kyiv: 12:30pm
Adelaide: 9:00pm
Sydney: 9:30pm

Tuesday 10th/Wednesday 11th March
Los Angeles: Tuesday 1:00pm
New York: Tuesday 4:00pm
London: Tuesday 8:00pm
Kyiv: Tuesday 10:00pm
Adelaide: Wednesday 6:30am
Sydney: Wednesday 7:00am

Saturday 14th March
Los Angeles: 3:30am
New York: 6:30am
London: 10:30am
Kyiv: 12:30pm
Adelaide: 9:00pm
Sydney: 9:30pm

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th March
Los Angeles: Saturday 1:00pm
New York: Saturday 4:00pm
London: Saturday 8:00pm
Kyiv: Saturday 10:00pm
Adelaide: Sunday 6:30am
Sydney: Sunday 7:00am

I think some of those times become automatically unavailable because of school/college, but I thought I’d throw them out there, anyway. If none of those times are suitable I’ll start thinking of more times for the week after. Please let me know if these times are ok for you ASAP.


I think I’ll opt out of this one, Rachel, as Sixth Form work has suddenly increased, but thanks anyway.

Thanks for uploading the first part, Peter! I’ll listen to it and the second part as well, and then review the whole thing. :smiley:

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who conducted and/or participated in the first Pixar Planet WALL•E fan commentary! The session went fairly smoothly, many informative facts were submitted by both lizardgirl and Peter, and the event itself was, overall, a blast to participate in. Wonderful work, everyone!! :smiley:

Peter - I also thank you for taking the time to help conduct, edit, and upload the commentary. I’ll check it out in due time.

Rachel - Following in lizardgirl’s footsteps, I have also decided not to become involved in the second WALL•E session. To be honest, I think I put in a healthy chunk of input during the first commentary, as it were; perhaps a little too much. So, yes, I’ll stay out of it. Thank you for the offer, though! :wink:

– Mitch

I’ll need more time to work on part 2. There are some spots in the recording where it’s hard to hear what we’re saying. However there are a couple things I can try, to make those spots louder. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload the finished product before I go to sleep tonight (in about three hours).

Edit: Here’s part 2. I was able to amplify the quiet spots somewhat, but it’s still not perfect.

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been on lately (for the entire past week), my folks were none too pleased about my daily postings and visits to this forum, and would rather me spend my time “more fruitfully”. Anyway, I’m taking Mitch’s tack and will make appearances every now and then, just so I can have a balanced life and all that jazz. I’ll still make my tribute and parody (huh, I both worship and mock the things I love. :stuck_out_tongue:) videos, but this is my final year in university and I’d like to spend more time on the ‘home stretch’ of my academic education.

Now that I’ve explained my absence and the frequency of my visits from now on, it’s back on topic. :smiley: Just for convenience sake of the other commentary members, I’m posting here my preference for the sessions. I’m leaning to Saturday 11 pm, though I wouldn’t mind the 7 am. I’m not keen on a weekday recording because of school the next day and all that, but it’s just a personal preference. At least if I stay up on Saturday, I got Sunday to wake up late. What do you think, people?

qxgnxamy - Thanks for taking the time to edit and upload the commentary, Peter. Especially as you mentioned you were having problems with the audio. I’ll listen to it in full within the next week or so and post feedback here.

Mitch and lizardgirl - That’s ok if you don’t want to do WALL•E again. And thank you both for the thank yous, heheh. You’re welcome. Hope you had fun participating. You’re both really nice to chat to. I’ll let you know what I thought of the commentary soon. =)

thedriveintheatre - Thanks for letting me know of your time preference. I wouldn’t mind either Sat. night or Sunday morning, too . I’d just need to know which one it’s going to be a few days in advance so I can adjust my sleeping pattern. It’s actually 10pm Saturday (Sydney time), but if it’s ok with Peter and he doesn’t mind waking up earlier so I can get the commentary done and go to bed earlier, then I might make it for 9:30pm (Sydney time) so keep that in mind. Next time you’re on the computer start up Skype and request the WALL•E video file from either qxgnxamy or I and it will be transferred it over to you. Keep checking this thread when you can to be notified of any developments. Thanks again, Andre!