WALL•E Fan Commentaries

Rachel - Any of those times should be fine for me. Also, I don’t mind waking up earlier so I can be online at 6:30am.

Ok, thanks Peter. =)

I’ve changed the times to reflect the 30min earlier change.

Whoa, it seems I’d missed a lot of stuff while being err… offline.
The best time for me is Saturday, 14th. I can’t do it on weekdays - we have some serious subjects these days, so I can’t miss the school.
What is Walle Commentary Part 1? Is it a complete commentary? Should I download it?

Actine - Part 1 and part 2 together are a complete commentary. You can download it and listen to it if you want. One reason to listen to it is to make sure you don’t say things that were already said in this first commentary.

Rachel - Whoops, I meant 10 pm, my bad. But 9:30 should be fine too. I’ve already got a… digital DVD rip copy, though I’m not sure what’s the format. Would it make a difference if it was PAL or NTSC? :question:

Actine - Looks like Sat’s a go then! Excellent. Lookin forward to hearing you! :smiley:

qxgnxamy - Good advice to Actine. I think I should download the first commentary too. I’ll give my review when I have the time. :slight_smile:

Well, this time would be my first preference, then we would have another time, 9.5 hours later, as a spare if that time isn’t suitable.

Actine - There are two times on Saturday that it would be possible for you to do the commentary (Kyiv time) - at lunchtime and then at night. Are both of those times ok for you? Should we agree to meet at this time? Also, please make sure to check this thread often to let us know of any changes to your schedule, and so you know if the commentary times change.

Do you have an NTSC copy of WALL•E to watch? Next time you are on Skype (on your computer) download the file from either qxgnxamy or I (actually I guess it would be better to get it from qxgnxamy because he has a faster Internet connection than I do.)

thedriveintheatre - Cool! I look forward to participating in the commentary with you this Saturday. =D

The PAL format is speed up by 4% by the manufacturers of the DVDs so by the end of the movie we’d be waaay out of sync with each other if we were to use differing formats. It’s better for all of us to use the NTSC format. If you don’t know for sure which format you have the NTSC format runs for 98 mins.

Thanks guys! =)

Rachel - Well, from the blank screen before the Disney Sleeping Beauty castle opening logo to the blank screen after the BNL jingle was 1:38:15. Should be NTSC then. :smiley: Yeah, lookin’ forward to the commentary too. Told my family about the commentary so that they are aware I’ll be busy Saturday night after 9:30 pm (the justification was that it was for this night only for this week).

Actine - Is the Saturday lunchtime alright with you? Hope that this commentary will be good and fun. :slight_smile:

I’m quite nervous, this is my first feature after all. Hope I got stuff to say. I haven’t even done research yet (I’ll try to find a couple of facts), and I wonder whether my voice will ‘carry across’.

Actine - Don’t forget we are doing the commentary at this time:

Saturday 14th March
New York: 6:30am
Kyiv: 12:30pm
Sydney: 9:30pm

I didn’t get confirmation from you so I’m just letting you know again. If you don’t have an NTSC copy of the WALL•E movie, download it from qxgnxamy over Skype. Or I guess you could download it elsewhere, as long as it’s NTSC format (98 minutes.)

thedriveintheatre - That time sounds about right. Ah, cool. That means there will be little chance of interruption if your family knows that you’re doing this commentary, hopefully. Don’t be nervous. You’ve done a practice so I’m sure you’ll be ok. The more you research the more confident you’ll feel about it. And I like your voice and accent - it’s different. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Here’s a rundown of what I’ll be bringing up, if I have the time, so if anyone wants to do a bit of quick research so you can talk about it with me in detail in the commentary, feel free to do so:

BnL - * the move from corporation into government

  • play on words: “buying large”, “by and large”
  • the simplicity and colour choices for the logo

2001: A Space Odyssey - similarities such as

  • clean, white interior of space ship
  • same music: “blue danube” + “also sprach zarathustra”
  • in 2001 on-board they drink (eat?) from fruit box things similar to the food-in-a-cups in WALL•E
  • Hal - cockroach
  • AUTO’s eye - similar to HAL in 2001
  • little dialogue in both films

Biblical references - * Noah’s Ark - EVE is a dove and the Axiom is the ark

WALL•E - * How did the other WALL•Es die but WALL•E got to live?

  • How did he get a personality - made with a defect or did he develop one?

Those are just the main topics I’m hoping to cover. I have a lot more so if you want some other ideas just let me know. If you want to let me know of what topics you are going to talk about so I can research that would be great, so we can have some in-depth discussions and so I’m more prepared.

Looking forward to this - I actually get to talk in this one. =)

Oh man… fake alert. I can’t do it on Saturday. You know, these years we have a brand new form of educational assessment in the last year. We also have a right to pass a trial assessment before the test itself in order to study about the whole procedure more and to try ourselves in passing the test in the same circumstancess of stress and lack of time.
We have one on Saturday…
Sorry, mates.
Can do it on Sunday or Wednesday…

Weaksauce. -___-

Well, thanks for letting us know, Actine. What about this time below…?

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th March
New York: Saturday 4:00pm
Kyiv: Saturday 10:00pm
Sydney: Sunday 7:00am

That time would be fine for me and, from what I gather, Peter and Andre. Maybe if it’s ok with the others I could even change it to 30 mins earlier so you can be in bed by midnight. Let me know guys if I can change it so it’s earlier… And good luck with your preparatory test, Actine. =)

If that time is no good I’ll post up some possible times for next week.

Oh no! Well, can you make the new time Rachel suggested, Actine? I can try waking in the morning, although I don’t know whether I can sleep early or will be too groggy at dawn. :stuck_out_tongue: Please let us know ASAP! And good luck for your test! :smiley:

Rachel - Thanks for the kind words. I haven’t done any research (busy doing something else for another forum’s event) but I’ll try to download the other commentary tonight and give it a listen tomorrow. Gotta think up some things to say, you made some interesting points there…

Weaksauce, never heard that lingo before. Looked it up in Urban Dictionary. :bulb:

Sunday 10pm kyiv is great for me. This time is ok.
Thank you for your cheers :slight_smile:

You mean Saturday 10 pm Kyiv time, Actine? If that’s the case, it’s fine with me. :slight_smile:

Please look at these times carefully and try to log onto Skype.

Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th March
New York: Saturday 3:30pm
Kyiv: Saturday 9:30pm
Sydney: Sunday 6:30am

I’ve changed the time to 30mins earlier so Actine doesn’t have to stay up so late. Hope this is ok.

Actine - Like Andre said, it would be Saturday your time.

I just finished watching the 1st Wall-E commentary, and I discovered a lot of new facts! The conversations also flowed pretty naturally. I’ll give a detailed review later, but it was pretty good. You guys have certainly set the benchmark! :slight_smile:

After watching the film again, I found a few things that I could comment about, but it’ll be mostly me pointing out little details like the Pixar in-jokes and some of the character’s animations. I’m too lazy to concentrate and cut between the commentary, the movie and referring to my notes, so I think I’ll just wing it once again. Keeps it more organic that way, and I’ve forgotten most of the details I’ve noticed. Hopefully when I watch it again tomorrow I can remember them, but I’ll try not to repeat whatever was said in the earlier commentary and what Rachel will say.

Gotta sleep early and get ready! See y’all tomorrow!

Just logged on to reply that I won’t be available on Sunday at 10 pm and now I see it is Saturday for me (today). Well, I’ll try to be online. There are two ways - at home (most likely) or at a shopping mall with Wi-Fi hotspot (unlikely)

I’d seriously ask you to be on time. My mom is anxious. She wanted me not to come today because she was going to use the Internet. I persuaded her that it wouldn’t last long. In the worst case, I’ll have to leave you.
PS. Mall closes at 11pm :frowning:
PPS. I’m extremely sorry. It’s a shame to be the weakest link in the whole thing, but is it possible to shift the commentary 11 (or more) hours ahead? If no, I’ll try my best to be online on the scheduled time…

Great work guys! I think it went pretty well, apart from a few boo-boos on my part. :blush: But yeah, I think it’s quite good, everyone got tons of things to say, and the film flew by pretty fast.

Thanks to Rachel for getting this forum event up and running after months of gestation, and qxgnxamy/Peter for hosting and editing the commentary. It’s also interesting to hear Actine for the first time, and I’m sure you all will enjoy listening to my funny accent. :laughing:

Well, look forward to the posting of the two parts, and other forum members’ thoughts on how it went. :smiley:

That went pretty well. In a way I’m a bit sad since I’ve been looking forward to doing a WALL•E commentary for what seems like forever, but it’s also good because it’s all done and recorded so I can breath a sigh of relief. Can’t wait to listen to the full commentary with the movie. From what I’ve listened to so far with my copy, it sounds pretty good. Of course I’ll give a full review at a later date. :wink:

Thanks for participating, Peter, Paul and Andre! Hope you enjoyed it too. =)

WALL-E commentary 2 is now available to download. Part 1, part 2.