WALL-E Full Commentary

Recently, I have came across an excellent commentary of a movie that has premiered on Star Movies in my city; a commentary on Transformers by themoviepreviewcritic. He has created other good commentaries on other movies, where he analyzed their plot lines, characters, and the awesome CGI effects that blow our minds away, causing us to crush our popcorn boxes and squeeze our soda cups so hard the liquid implodes onto our hands, the theater seats and the filthy floor full of gums.

So, here I am right now, thinking of commentating on the movie you guys love so much. I would like to watch it again and ‘analyze’ for myself, too, to see if the movie is that good, if it truly deserves the rating of ‘W’ as in ‘Worthy of Your Money.’

I shall post the commentary in a day or two, as I would have to look out for all the flaws and pros in each scene, thus requiring me having to be very knowledgeable about the movie, which would naturally take some time. I hope you would listen to it when I post it, and I shall get on work now.

Here it is, the one hour WALL-E commentary:
4shared.com/file/77068499/7b … ntary.html

Well, if you’re really willing to write it, then we’re willing to read it. :smiley:

BTW, it’d be nice if you can tell us what you meant by ‘Worthy of Your Money.’ I’ve seen you posted in another thread that you think WALL-E is overrated. (No offence) Maybe, you can tell us why you thought so. I’ll be open with your opinion. :wink: Thanks.

Oh, no, I am not going to write it; I am going to say it. Kinda a nervous thing for me to commentate on a movie for the first time, but I am sure I could pull it off.

As for the W-rating, it is just themoviepreview’s rating for good movies that are, well, worth paying for, basically. We could not want to pay for a crappy movie, now would we? :wink:

And I have explained why I thought it was overrated in the same post you had extracted that word I have used from. Go read it again. :wink:

Oh well, Dragon of Omnipotency, I got it. My mistake. :laughing:

Ooh… sounds interesting. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and your voice!

Laugh out loud! That bit is absolute mint! :smiley:

You mean you’re going to do an audio commentary by yourself? That’s cool. I look forward to hearing it, especially the reasons why you think it’s over-rated, if you include those reasons in the commentary.

I can’t wait to hear it either dude.

Alright, here is Part One of Two of the WALL-E commentary. If you would like to sync this with the real movie instead of just listening to the commentary alone, please be known that the commentary cuts off an hour into the movie, and some parts might involve me being rather quiet (or extremely stuttering).

But, I have pointed out some good points (even those I did not expect myself to point out when I first start this project), so I would hope you would listen to it. :slight_smile: And of course, enjoy it as well. :wink:

4shared.com/file/77068499/7b … ntary.html

You do not have to download the file; just click on the button that has that green arrow in the circle to play it. However, you have to have the Windows Media Player 11 plugin in order to listen to it, especially if you are a Firefox user. IE works alright for me, so try using that instead. :wink:

This sounds really interesting, Dragon of Omnipotency. Well done for recording your own WALL-E Commentary! I think it probably makes it even more interesting for the audience to listen to a commentary as told by someone who isn’t a massive fan of the movie.

I’ll listen to it probably sometime tomorrow, when I have some time to spare.

Finally, my recreation of my WALL-E commentary is done! It was definitely difficult in uploading the eleven parts commentary to YouTube, especially with the upload limit being less than 10GBs or so (my files were rather large at first, because I had to make them a ‘true video file’ by adding a pitch black screen to the audio in order for YouTube to accept the format).

It was even more difficult to raise the quality of this commentary. I had to use a script so that I sound more professional for this one, and I’ve also added a lot more view points than the previous one.

But, anyway, I’ve uploaded the first part, and is on my way to upload the other parts now. In a few hours, I should have every part uploaded till the end of the movie, so just refresh each part till you see a video response by me.

Till then, this is Ominous Flare, signing out. :slight_smile: