Wall(•E)paper !

Hi :smiley:

This is my first post here and i’m very excited to talk with you about Pixar. I have a pixar blog here (sorry it’s in french…) and I lately posted a wallpaper of my own for wall•e. I hope you’ll enjoy it, it’s here.

See you !

Welcome to Pixar Planet Frederic! Glad to have you here. I love the wallpaper btw. Just set it as my desktop.

Welcome to Pixar Planet, fred ! :smiley: You’ve come to the right place! :smiley:

Welcome, Fred! That’s very, very good and quite proffesional looking. Great PhotoShop skills! :smiley:

Nice job, fred! I love that environment he’s in - a blue base with a starry sky…beautiful. :sunglasses:

And welcome to Pixar Planet, dude! :smiley:

Welcome to Pixar Planet Fred. And I really like the Wall-E wallpaper. It is simple, yet neat. NIce work.

Welcome to Pixar Planet, fred! It’s nice to have you here. :slight_smile:

I absolutely love that WALL-E wallpaper. I’m seriously thinking of using it…

– Mitch

That’s one cool, Wall-E wallpaper, fred! And welcome to Pixar Planet. :smiley: