WALL•E Premiering on Disney Channel!!!

Yes, it’s true! WALL•E will air this Friday night on Disney Channel! explodes Anyone gonna watch?

Wow, hasn’t even been that long. To think Up will premiere next year…:astonished:

Hooray! I was waiting for some news on this. I’ll be watching it hopefully.

YAAAAAY!!! I’ll ask if I can go to my grandparent’s house to spend the night friday so I can watch it! Do you know what time it comes on?

It’s about time. :laughing: I will probably watch it.

Bryko: Heck, I thought Up was already on TV this year! Don’t they usually start airing them about a year after their theatrical release?

Anyway, I used to love watching movies on TV, though I don’t have cable anymore. Hm. I might try watching my DVD then in celebration.

Leirin: They usually start airing movies on pay channels like Starz or whatever pretty soon after release. On regular cable it’s usually not for 2-3 years, at least.

I’ll watch my DVD instead, to celebrate. I hate TV, and I can’t stand commercials.

Me: I really wish I was in America right now.
Mom: -but you’ve already seen that movie 148 times!
Me: Go away Mom, I only saw it 138 times.

:laughing: That’s great. I hate how parents are almost always at odds with Pixar fandom…

Yay! I’m so excited! I love it when they play movies I like on T.V, it also gives people who don’t have money to buy the DVD or to rent it the oppurtunity to watch it! I’m defintely going to check this out.

I’m So Excited!
I hope it comes to Free-To-Air soon, they’re already premiering 2008 movies like Iron Man and The Dark Knight on Oz FTA, so it’s only a matter of time before Wall-E makes his appearance on Channel 7 (which seems to be the ABC affiliate in Oz). :slight_smile:

I’m going to try watch Wall-e. It’s my favorite pixar movie, so I wouldn’t miss it.

Wow! So much excitement!

The movie’s airing Friday night at 8pm/7pm central on Disney Channel.

What is that video of? The screen told me that It contains Sony music, and I can’t view it in my country! ( :frowning: )

Hmm… that’s strange. It’s just a link to the Pointer Sisters’ song ‘I’m So Excited’. :stuck_out_tongue:

YD thats cool YD though in my city mostly everyone has the same cable and at least one of our tvs goes to the 300 channels and they’ve been playing Wall-e, Up, The Incredibles, aand i saw Monster’s Inc. too. ^^’ to bad my tv screen isnt to great YD but i’ll definitly watch it Y3

I should probably watch this, because it’s been freakin’ forever since I’ve actually sat down and watched WALL-E… might even give me some inspiration for Psyche OS X. :wink:

As cool as it is that it’s finally airing on TV, I’d rather go the way Incredigirl is going, and watch the DVD I own on my big Mac screen to celebrate, so I can avoid annoying teeny-bopper Disney Channel commercials swamped with the JoBros and Selena Gomez. :stuck_out_tongue:

little chef

YDD actually we might get comercails with Jordan Sparks singing Beauty and the Beast YD it doesnt sound to bad but i sorta hate Disney Mania crap == i like original songs gosh darn it! >.> ya i bet they love it just cause they get paid to like it… -- im ranting…

Oh yes, I’m really looking forward to all the Disney Channel commercials. :unamused: Looks like I’ll be using the Mute button on my remote a lot.