WALL•E t-shirts - juniors

I know I ask this every time I make a new thread, but if one like this already exists I would hate to clog up forum space and ask that a mod would kindly remove it if need be. :wink: Thanks!

I’ve been having a really, really hard time finding WALL•E t-shirts for juniors online, and I’d like to purchase a few hopefully for Christmas. I’ve seen pics before of teens with WALL•E t-shirts, and no matter what I search for I can’t seem to find any good ones. All I get are children’s tees. :laughing:

I did find one on Hot Topic’s website that I’ll probably end up getting, but seriously, don’t you think there’d be a bigger variety?

If you find any other links to other shirts (preferrably fitted ones), I’d be more than happy to check them out. Thank you! :slight_smile:

little chef

Four words: I want that shirt! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: That is so cool.

BTW, you can also create Custom WALL•E tees and apparel through Zazzle or the online disney store. Here’s the link:

[url]shopDisney | Official Site for Disney Merchandise

Oh wow, that’s really neat! I’ll definitely keep that in mind… thanks! :slight_smile:

little chef

Found another:

Disney store “I Love WALL•E” Girl’s Tee

I want that one too, and it’s cheaper! :laughing:

little chef

I’ve seen that one too! It’s really cute. :smiley:

I actually found the WALL•E and EVE tee from Hot Topic at the mall the other day! XD

BTW, here’s some from ebay! :smiley:



I bought a nice shirt of WALL-E and EVE at Hot Topic. Go check out their website! They have about 3 diffrent shirts

ellie-jessie-eve: That was actually the very same shirt I linked to in my first post. :wink: I ended up being able to buy it off their website and it should be coming in sometime this week! I’m so excited! :smiley:

little chef


Tell me what you think!

I actually got the turquoise Wall-e and Eve one for Christmas this year, which was a surprise. I got the I heart Wall-e one for Christmas the year before. I was kinda surprised to find the Wall-e one at Hot Topic but I probably shouldnt have been

I got a XXL of the blue WEVE one and the seam broke on 1st wash. I returned it and got the black spacey one later. It’s not fitted, but it’s soft and comfy.

Oooooh, thermal want. It’s cheap too. <3

I love it, I think it’s adorable! I might end up getting it…

I’ve noticed since my last post that they’ve stopped carrying the two other WALL-E t-shirts they had. Probably need more room to sell Alice in Wonderland and Invader ZIM appearel. :confused:

Came to this thread because it was the very first one I posted on! Just now saw this.

I still have my WALL-E shirt, I don’t wear it as much as I use to, I think I’ll start wearing it more.

How about you guys? Still have yours?

So that was your first post, EJE? Awesome!

Unfortunately, the link in JSWeC’s post has expired, so I don’t know how your shirt looks like.

I bought a Wall-E shirt from WeLoveFine the year before last, though. There’s an interesting story behind it. Basically I saw it on the site and fell in love with it. I planned to get it after my next paycheck, but unfortunately the store pulled it from the list when I was ready to purchase! I was annoyed (well, okay, I was devastated) and I sent an e-mail to them requesting to put it back on, as I would love to buy from them. Here’s how the email exchange went (names concealed to protect identity):

The exchanges go on for a while longer and I asked them many more questions, but they were patient and friendly in their replies. Sadly, they didn’t put up ‘Shy Love Angel’ any more, and I had to settle for a Derpy-themed one instead. :neutral_face:

But other than the fact that they had ponies as their e-mail signatures, they were the best customer service I’ve received. If I’m going to buy something, I want to be treated as a customer should be, with kindness and respect. After that experience, I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

And the shirt is still up, one year on! I can take pride in the knowledge that I resurrected their only Wall-E design (they have other Pixar shirts too).


Those who know my IRL social media profile can find a pic of me wearing it in a cafe. I’ve got some compliments from those who recognise the duo! :mrgreen:

Despite my praise though, please bear in mind that their shipping fees can be quite expensive, especially if you live overseas, though I’m not sure if it’s on their part or the UPS! :slight_smile: