Wall-E Valentines Box

Last February my son needed to make a Valentine box for school. He asked if we could make a Wall-e box. I said sure. So we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some poster board, foamcore board, paint and hot glue. It took about 2 days to finish. I think it turned out great and it was a hit at school. Let me know what you think.

Wow! When I first saw the pictures, I was like “Is this actually hand-made?! It looks professional!” I have to say I am dually impressed with what you and your son made! And hey, WALL-E and Valentine’s Day are kinda perfect together! :smiley: Great job, again!

Thanks! it was a lot of fun to build. I need to take some pics with the door open in front. Wish
i could figure out how to attach pics instead of links.

That’s so awesome! :smiley: I love it!

As a tip, sid, if you want to attach pictures instead of links, just click the img button and then copy and paste the url in between this → Hope that helps! And yes, I’d love to see what else you did with it!

pictures! I figured it out!

WOAH. :open_mouth:

That is so adorably creative!! Wow!

So cute! I love it so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

That WALL-E looks so amazing. :slight_smile: