WALL-E Video Game - which version do you prefer?

I can’t believe this has not been made into a thread yet (and it’s been over 6 years since its release, but…)

There are about 3 different versions of the WALL-E video game.

Version 1 (PS3, XBOX 360)

  • Nine levels
  • Health icons are suns (and solar charge stations are available)
  • Collection of icons that look like WALL-E’s “E” to unlock stuff
  • WALL-E has no weapons, but can throw cubes and is in possession of EVE’s gun in one level
  • Some levels require you to tag switch between WALL-E and EVE (cubing, flying, shooting)
  • Multi-player mini games
  • Reject-bots appear, but only to be rescued to unlock a secret level
  • Collectibles included, some being art and even costumes for mini-games (many of which are Pixar cameos)
  • Batteries collected for cube dispenser machines
  • Cube types: Standard, heavy, charged, magnetic
  • You can ram into passengers and knock them off their chairs

Version 2 (PS2, PSP, Wii, PC)

  • 23 levels (including a prologue and an epilogue)
  • Three “playground levels” (Tanker, Repair Ward, Lido Deck Dash)
  • Number of BNL crates to destroy in a level to unlock stuff
  • WALL-E comes with built-in laser, can throw cubes, but does not get EVE’s gun
  • Health and laser power are filled with charges
  • Doors open with futuristic padlock combinations
  • Race levels
  • Soundtrack same as Version 1, but extended
  • No levels required you to switch between WALL-E and EVE’s abilities
  • Reject-Bots can be summoned via WALL-E’s music (L-T, BRL-A, HAN-S, D-FIB, and VAQ-M serve functions; PR-T and VN-GO appears, but do not serve any of WALL-E’s objectives)
  • WALL-E can jump into Steward-Bots in Box mode (something that every time I play the XBOX version, I forget I can’t do! :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Appearance of a game-only droid known as an OP-T unit
  • Collectibles included; no costume paints, and almost none of them were Pixar cameos.
  • Cube types: Standard, Explosive, Magnetic

There is a 3rd version exclusive to the DS, but I can’t say much about it here, since I own only the first two versions (PS2, XBOX 360, PSP), and I’ve only tried the DS version because one of my cousins has it, but I don’t own it. All I can say is I could only play through two levels where WALL-E just goes from one spot to the next with trash cubes, but I don’t know more about it.

So, let’s see what the people here think.

I’ve played both Version 1 and Version 2. I liked them both in some way, but I think Version 2 is better in terms of how much I enjoyed playing the game. It just drew me in more.