WALL-E: What Happens Next

So I literally just came up with this idea last night.

This idea is about what happens after the humans return to Earth. For starters, they’re inheriting a pretty trashy world–literally. And they’ve still only got one WALL-E robot to help clean up the mess. The toxicity levels may have gone down enough to sustain life now, but it’s not going to be easy.

And the humans? Well, they really barely know what they’re doing. All they’ve known their whole life is the Axiom. And now they only know what Captain McCrea’s told them–and he is a little bit misinformed. I mean, he seemed to actually think they could grow pizza plants??

So the idea behind this fanfic is going to be to get into what life is like 20 years after the humans return. Some of them will be enjoying life on planet Earth–but also some will be disgruntled by how much harder life is. And what happens when people get disgruntled and they want to make a change? Or go back to the way things were? Bad things can happen.

Now, WALL-E and EVE will not necessarily be an integral part of the story at first. The story at first is going to focus on an idea before getting into an actual plot–which I guess I’m still working on a little bit.

Also, parts of this fanfic will possibly be PG-13 in terms of violence–mainly in the second half/near the end. Due to the rules here, I am apparently required to warn you as such when things get into such territory.

A short prologue, which will be more for laughs than anything before the rest of the story, should be up in the next couple of days. Let me know what you think of this idea! :slight_smile:

^That sounds like a wonderful idea! WALL-E is, after all, my #1 favorite Pixar movie, so it’s cool to see WALL-E based fanfics appearing around here. There’s some around this forum if you are interested in checking out as well, such as a parody of the movie that wrote myself, titled Star Vacation.

But yeah, the idea of the Axiom humans rebuilding Earth has been the subject of some of my ideas for a WALL-E spin-off. And if any other starliners would return to help.

And I don’t mind if you’re going to have some action violence, but it’s good that you care enough to let younger/more sensitive readers know. I’ve actually written some pretty intense stuff in my current fanfic Michael and James: Energy Harvesters!!

Again, I can’t wait for you to start this. A WALL-E fanfic should be able to get some WALL-E fans excited.

@JustSoWall-ECrazy: Thanks for the support. I checked out Star Vacation and was amused. 8D I can see you like doing human parodies of WALL-E. I’m not much into one-shots however, so that means really the only other WALL-E one of my interest is Psyche OS X, and that looks to be a long read. Geez, there really aren’t that many WALL-E fanfics… :confused:

WALL-E is my #1 favorite Pixar movie as well! (Though The Incredibles is a very close second.) I personally think it’s good to be careful with what I’m doing with this fanfic, especially since the movie itself really doesn’t need a sequel. This is mostly for curiosity’s sake and for the sake of having a little fun, and just because I enjoy writing.

And you bring up an excellent point about the other starliners. Where the heck are they? Why don’t we hear anything of them in the movie? I will see about addressing that in the fanfic. Thanks for that! :smiley:

Aaaaand here’s the prologue. Didn’t turn out to be quite the humorous intro that I had planned, but no matter.


It was the year 2805 A.D. It had been six months since humanity had finally returned to Planet Earth. The planet was still trying to heal, but the sowing of seeds and recreating of plants had helped to block out the toxicity that still remained from the skyscrapers of trash that had been created by the cleanup unit robot, WALL-E.

On one such morning, with the sky mixed between the sun rising and still having clouds of dust created by the toxicity levels from before, one of the many farmers came out of his makeshift house to inspect his handiwork. He himself had created a larger garden than most in hopes of getting more food than others. The plants were indeed growing well despite the still mildly toxic air; green stalks and leaves bearing various sources of food, such as corn or berries. However, the farmer’s face began to tighten into an angry grimace; he had not found what he was looking for.

“Where’s the freaking pizza?!” he screeched. “There were supposed to be pizza plants!!”

In desperation, he tore out some of the stalks, and began to dig under the ground towards where he had planted the seeds in hopes that perhaps there would pizza down there instead. But there was nothing to be found, except the seeds and torn roots that he had just destroyed. He then went from being beside himself to being flat out uncontrollably angry.

“Then why the heck did I bother to do grow this garden?!” he screamed, tearing out various plants and stalks. “I thought I was going to be getting some good food!”

Then he remembered where he had gotten the idea. He immediately ran off for a certain house. The houses so far had been made out of wood or log; much like in the old days. However, the house he was looking for was decorated with various credentials, so it wasn’t hard to find. He ran up and banged repeatedly on the door. “Open up!”

The door opened, revealing the face of Captain B. McCrea, who looked like he had just woken up. “What is it, Bryan? It’s real early…” the Captain muttered sleepily before he noticed the incredulous look on the unhappy farmer’s face.

“You!” snarled Bryan. “You told us that we could grow pizza from seeds! I’ve been growing plants for six months and gotten no such thing! The food I have been getting sucks! Corn is lame! The berries taste okay, but some of them are poisoned! My son died because of poisoned berries and the fact that we didn’t know how to treat him,” he spat, beginning to foam at the mouth. “I had better food than this on the Axiom!”

McCrea sighed. “Bryan, I really hate to do this, but it’s for your own good,” he spoke to the angry man, before suddenly pulling out a taser and shocking Bryan into unconsciousness with it. He sighed, went back into his home, and began to make a call to his local officers.

“Hello?…yes, this is the Captain…yes, we’ve got another one…this one appears more angry than some of the other ones, but at least he didn’t try to fight…you’ll be right here?…great.” He hung up the phone, but he heard some noises and turned around and saw that Bryan, though incapacitated, wasn’t quite finished speaking yet.

“You…” Bryan spat. “You have misled us. Humanity will die out because of you. We must return to the Axiom and go back to spaaaacee…” His last word died out as the Captain shocked him with the taser again.

“I’m sorry, Bryan,” the Captain said, more to himself than to the unconscious Bryan. “I really thought we could grow pizza from seeds…” As he returned to his bed, a thought came to his head.

What else am I wrong about?

Well, here we go. After a week with no feedback, here’s Chapter 1 anyway.

Chapter 1

The sleeping figure of Brandon McCrea blinked his weary eyes open. His eyes traveled around the room of his brick house. His wife whom he had married following the return to Earth should’ve been next to him in bed, but she had died in childbirth leaving him with his son Brett.

“Oh, how things have changed,” he muttered to himself, running his fingers through his graying hair, remembering that back on the Axiom, an alarm clock would’ve woken him up. However, he had decreed that the humans would start anew and try to figure out how to recreate technology themselves. Some things had gone okay–they had managed to recreate telephones–an old invention from Earth’s younger days–as well as ovens and toasters. Other things like computers? Those were a long way off yet. WALL-E had been the one bringing scrap and suggesting ideas to him.

WALL-E. The trash compactor robot who had saved the Axiom from being stuck in space forever. And they had been really close too, McCrea mused to himself, as he remembered that their autopilot had taken the ship over. And unfortunately, some other ships weren’t as lucky. One of the first things McCrea did upon returning home–while they were still using the Axiom’s equipment–was to contact the other star liners. When he had contacted the U.S.S. Andromeda, he had gotten a response from none other than the local autopilot.

“Hello… um… AUTO,” McCrea had sputtered in surprise, “Can I speak with Captain Anthony?” The autopilot’s typical cold and emotionless response was “The Captain is not available. He is detained. I control this ship.” The Captain sighed, and and responded, “Well, this is the Axiom. We returned to Earth after finding signs of…” “You returned to Earth?” The autopilot interrupted, almost sounding shocked, if that was possible for him. “What happened to your autopilot?” It demanded. The Captain replied, “We shut it down. We returned home. It is safe now.” “We will not return to Earth,” the autopilot replied dismissively. “Directive.”

The call had then ended there, and McCrea had gotten generally the same result from the other starliners. One other star liner–the U.S.S. Odyssey–still had its real captain running things, and he had agreed to return to Earth. He had never gotten a response back–or seen a star liner in the skies.

So much had changed in 20 years.

He dragged himself out of bed–not as hard as it would’ve been even 18 years ago, since he had lost weight now like everybody else because of their bone structure returning to normal–and went over to the kitchen, where his son Brett was waiting for him. “About time you got up,” Brett muttered. “Sun’s been up for a couple hours now.” “We old people need our sleep,” McCrea replied, again motioning to his graying hair.

Brett grunted, and looked down at his boring breakfast of plain toast, having already consumed the berries. “I’m not sure why anybody would wanna eat this garbage,” he muttered. The Captain replied, “Well, we don’t have much else that works for a breakfast meal.” “That’s because our menu selection sucks!” Brett retorted. The Captain sighed. Brett had always been cynical about life on Earth, even though he had never lived on the Axiom.

“We are not having this argument again,” McCrea told his son. “We need to learn to survive with what we have, as people on Earth once did–without the technology that almost destroyed us.” “And how was it destroying us?” Brett asked. “We were alive!” “Alive?” McCrea exploded. “Look at this!” He pulled out an old portrait of himself back from his Axiom days, thus he was extremely fat. Brett shrugged. “So we’re a little overweight because we’re enjoying ourselves. Big deal.” “It is a big deal!” McCrea snapped. “All I ever did on that ship was nothing! That’s all anyone on that blasted ship ever did! Nothing!”

“At least we could survive,” Brett muttered in reply. McCrea gasped as he realized how similar the last two sentences had been to a certain conversation he had had with a certain rogue autopilot. Now angry, he glared at his son. “Go. To. Your. Room.” “I don’t think so, dad,” Brett sneered, getting up. “You can’t tell me what to do. I’m 18 years old, I’m stronger than you… you have nothing! NOTHING!”

And with that he stormed out of the house. McCrea sighed, not even bothering to call for him to come back. His son had never enjoyed life on Earth. They had argued like this all the time for the last ten years. It made him wish his wife was still here. She probably would’ve known what to do.

Brett wasn’t the only one. Some people still were cynical about life on Earth. Most had gotten used to it by now, and the ones who hadn’t and tried to revolt now set in prison cells. But some people still wished things were different. Life was difficult–too difficult for some.

And that’s the end of Chapter 1! Let’s hope I get some feedback this time…

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