Wander Over Yonder: The Galaxy

Sooooo yeah, I’ve been writing a multi-chapter fic for Wander Over Yonder because I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the show and all the fan theories gave me ideas. Enjoy!

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Warning: This is a bit darker than the television series.

[b]The Galaxy

Chapter 1: Stars[/b]


Too many stars to count, twinkling in the distance and dancing with various gasses to create a rainbow of colors against a backdrop many would see as a void, but Wander and Sylvia knew better. As the duo relaxed in their orbal bubble, lollygagging towards yet another planet, they were treated to the latest in a long line of dazzling cosmic phenomena on their journey. But always, it seemed like the stars reflected in Wander’s eyes the brightest, easily his favorite feature of their long voyages through the universal sea. Sylvia could tell because they’d get him to stare in silence for a few seconds before he’d continue his barrage of gab that only usually stopped when they used the downtime to take a nap.

“Wow… I’ve never seen stars like these before!” And truly, that was quite the statement coming from Wander. “Have you Syl?”

“Can’t say I have. If you haven’t, I probably haven’t,” the zboknak replied, tempted to add how she didn’t pay much attention to things like this until she’d gotten her enthusiastic companion.

He seemed to read her mind. “You remember how we met, right?”

Sylvia rolled her eyes. Of course she did. Wander had asked her that before far too often for her taste; it was a tale he seemed to look fondly back on but one she found mortifying. From his point of view, he’d simply made a dear friend on yet another planet. Sylvia, on the other hand, had a clearer view of the entire story.

"And you’re sure you didn’t add an extra zero? Or ten, for that matter?”

Sylvia’s client confirmed the price on the other end of the line, his voice deep and intentionally scrambled, before hanging up without so much as a “good luck,” leaving her to stare at the bounty poster again.

Sylvia was far from one to complain about being paid well enough to take an extravagant year-long vacation, her career as a bounty hunter taken less out of her desire for violence (although she did occasionally enjoy punching chuckleheads faces in) and more out of necessity. After all, her other option was to return to her “home” galaxy and deal with anything from passive-aggressive stares to full-on violence, depending on where she landed. With her temper, one usually lead to the other in short order anyway.

Her galaxy hadn’t always been so xenophobic, but Sylvia had been too young to remember the golden years first hand. Her elder refugees would tell her of when Zborna was inhabitable - before what was known as the Great Implosion. They said a gigantic black hole had appeared one day and had just… eaten everything. And then the black hole had vanished, like a bubble popping. Those who were lucky enough to escape with their lives crowded on surrounding planets, creating a population boom and a war over resources.

Sylvia wasn’t sure she believed there had ever been a black hole. The idea of one just coming and vanishing as quickly with so much still around to fuel it seemed like a fairy tale. More likely, Sylvia theorized, that was the story told to children so they would believe the war wasn’t anyone’s fault. But Sylvia had seen enough darkness in the universe to know living beings were selfish. They’d break their own toys and then try to take somebody else’s when they could have fixed them just as easily. More likely, Zborna was still out there called by a new, less notable title, waiting for the elders to head back and hold themselves accountable for whatever havoc they’d reeked on their home planet.

She continued to stare at the poster. Even if the client did insist on having their bounty alive, the offer seemed far too high for this guy.

This… orange lollypop with a smile that took up half his face, and a gigantic hat dwarfing him even further.

Sylvia had a feeling her client was hiding something from her, and secrets always had the potential to get her killed.

Yay! A WOY fanfic! And knowing how well you write fanfics, Netbug, I was very much looking forward to this :slight_smile:
Again, your descriptive abilities are wonderful; the opening is practically poetry. And Sylvia’s thought processes are right on key with what I would imagine her to think or say. I can’t help but love the idea of Sylvia being a bounty hunter, and I find the theories on her home planet extremely awesome and very real. So far, so great! The way you’ve set this story up thus far is fantastic!

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Chapter 2: Positive

If this excursion turned out to be a dead end, Sylvia’s next headhunt would be going after her bozo of a lead.

Thousands of gallons of lava bubbled in the lake before her, heating several feet of the surrounding rock enough that standing on it was just as dangerous as trying to take a swim. Even far enough from the lake to safely stand, steam leaked out of vents and cracks in the rock, brushing Sylvia’s face and adding to the sweat pouring off of her. Minutes after her arrival on the planet Fogo, already felt wrung out from all the fluids she’d lost.

Fogo was easily the hottest planet Sylvia had ever visited, a massive desert dotted with volcanoes and lakes like this one that had been burning steady for centuries. Even the planet’s most livable territories never saw temperatures below 90 degrees.

But it still could have been worse - Sylvia could have been her ship.

Before Sylvia’s ship had made it very far in Fogo’s baking atmosphere, the heat had proven too much for the experienced single-passenger ship. The old vessel’s engine finally gave out and Sylvia made a leap to safety with her backpack, leaving her ship to splat into the lava lake. After checking her pack to make sure she had her rations, various supplies, and enough weapons to take down something five times her size, she watched the remains of her ship melt away.

After so many years of service, it didn’t seem right for the vessel to meet such a gruesome fate, but it helped to imagine she was performing a burial at sea. A sea that just happened to be on fire.

Her positive spin on the situation shattered with the ship’s gas tank. The tank abruptly exploded and Sylvia ducked to dodge several pieces of shrapnel.

Ohhhh yeah, she’d definitely use this bounty to take a vacation. A vacation somewhere freezing. Once she’d heard of a planet that was so cold, it was one big ski resort. That sounded like a blast.

“Oh my lands! Are you alright Ma’am?”

Sylvia nearly jumped out of her skin, not often one to be snuck up upon, and her eyes only grew wider when she turned to see who’d addressed her.

Her bounty.

Not only was the orange lollypop actually on this rock, but he had walked right up to her in the middle of one of Fogo’s most dangerous regions. He looked exactly like his wanted poster, except he sported a worried frown instead of a goofy grin. “I saw a ship falling from the sky, and not a moment after I figure out where it landed, boom!” His imitation of the gas tank exploding was far too loud on Sylvia’s ears, which were still tender from the real thing. Her head spun and she placed a hand on her forehead, letting one of her eyes rest while the other remained on her target trying to assess what she was dealing with. The lollipop seemed to mistake her calculating silence with confusion. “Oh, where did my manners mosey off to?”

Ah, there was the grin from the poster.

“Name’s Wander, and I’ve been sightseeing on this here planet for a few days now. Aren’t these lakes just the most amazing thing?” He pulled a camera from his hat, snapped a picture of the lake, and returned said camera to his hat so quickly Sylvia might have missed it if she’d blinked.

Amazing? What was so amazing about a bunch of melted rocks? Sure, maybe the way the red and orange lava swirled and glowed among the pitch-black obsidian was kind of…

Wait, no. No. There was nothing amazing about the crazy lake that had eaten her ship. She was about the protest when her target continued yapping. “I’m betting you could use a breather after what you just went through, am I right? If you like, I can help you back to the nearest town. There’s the nicest people and this little hole-in-the-wall everyone says has the coldest drinks this side of Fogo! What d’ya say?” Andfinally, he shut up, awaiting her answer, but Sylvia couldn’t form a response. During the long maze of leads she’d traversed to find this guy, Sylvia had theorized extensively on the reason for such a generous bounty offer. All of these theories had stemmed from the idea that the lollypop’s innocent look was a far cry from his personality. But instead of a cold-blooded killer, a miniature demon in disguise, or even a mischievous intergalactic prankster, Wander seemed to be even more jubilant and friendly than she’d have expected if she’d taken his posted at face value.

But was that a bad thing? If the little guy was so trusting he’d travel alone with someone he’d just met, she could go to the town with him, find a way to contact her client, and continue to play along with the whole instant-friends thing until there was money changing hands. This would be the easiest vacation she’d ever earned. “Sure, alright. Lead the way and we can try that hole-in-the-wall you mentioned for dinner tonight.”

Wander cringed and looked away from Sylvia. “Weeelllll actually, reaching town will be more of a ‘tomorrow afternoon’ thing.” Sylvia visibly slumped, but Wander’s grin returned as quickly as it had gone. “But don’t you worry a thing! There are tons of amazing sights to see along the way!”

“…Right.” Wander’s definition of ‘amazing’ seemed opposite her own and gave her no comfort. What didn’t this guy find amazing? Lint? “Let’s just get going.”

“Yes’m! Oh, wait!”

Before Sylvia could ask ‘what now?’ she felt herself become lighter. In one fluid motion, Wander snatched Sylvia’s backpack and stuffed it into his hat. “Let me take that heavy load off you, friend!”

She twitched as he walked ahead. She’d just let her target steal every weapon to her name with a single swing of his arm. It all made sense now - Wander may have acted all adorable and sweet, but deep down he must have been a conniving little weasel who planned to backstab her with her own knife.

The world made sense again. After all, nobody was that positive.

So glad you’ve posted another chapter! As I’ve said many times before, the concept is awesome, the way you write for the characters is as awesome as the real thing, and your use of description is fantastic! Applauds

Chapter 3: The Adventures of Wander

Sylvia had only been traveling with Wander for five hours, but it felt like they should have reached town yesterday. While the zbornak was no longer standing right next to a lake of lava, sweat continued to seep from every pore, making her feel disgusting, and no amount of water kept a fuzzy static from curling around the zbornak’s brain.

Then again, was her brain garbled from the heat, or from her target’s incessant babbling? Wander had spent their entire trip so far pointing out volcanos that all looked the same to Sylvia. Wander insisted otherwise, pointing out some unique detail in each fiery mountain and remembering stories from his adventures on countless other planets that only made him stop to catch his breath even less.

He never asked Sylvia for a ride, even though it would have made both traveling and backstabbing easier. Instead, he skipped along in front of Sylvia, taking his role as the tour guide comedically seriously.

Not that Sylvia would have given Wander a ride had he asked. She was not anybody’s steed - not even if they paid her. And there had been a few offers from spoiled rich kids who saw her as some rare vehicle and had no qualms with enslaving another intelligent species.

“So, Sylvia, how long will you be sticking around this fine planet?”

“I just have to… run an errand, and then I’m booking it as fast as I can.”

“Isn’t traveling for your job the best?” Wander asked, as if he could relate.

“‘Job’? Weren’t you just talking about how you run around the universe goofing off every day?” Between the heat and Wander being a walking cacophony, Sylvia was getting too cranky to avoid dripping her usual sarcasm. Thankfully, Wander didn’t seem the least bit offended with her quip.

“Nnnnnnope. I mean, yeah, I get to see the universe and it’s awesome!” He squealed. Sylvia rolled her eyes. “But I have a super important job, and that’s collecting memories and making lots of folks happy!”

There was no way this twerp was for real, Sylvia told herself yet again.

“Why, you must love to travel as much as I do, being so far from the galaxies bordering where Zborna used to be!”

Wander’s latest comment stuck out from everything else he’d said in the past five hours - he couldn’t have gotten her attention better if he’d let off a firecracker next to her ear. She stopped walking and her eyes widened as she stared at her target. Wander, not hearing Sylvia’s footsteps anymore, turned to check on his traveling companion. He looked concerned even before he saw Sylvia’s expression - he’d realize the implications of his words as soon as they left his mouth.

Wander walked back over to Sylvia, looking like a foot had been taken off his already tiny frame. He stared at the ground and took off his hat, wringing the fabric as he selected his next words with more caution. “I… I’m sorry Sylvia. That wasn’t a very nice thing for me to dig on up, was it?”

Truthfully, Sylvia was more surprised than hurt by Wander bringing up such a dark topic. She was surprised the little guy even knew about where Zborna… ‘used to be’? This moron didn’t believe the black-hole thing too, did he? Somehow, Sylvia had expected her well-traveled target to be smarter than that.

Sylvia chuckled dryly. “Let me guess - you went to Zborna for ‘work’ once too, right?” she asked, hoping the joke could ease both of their minds. Sure enough, Wander grinned and Sylvia felt lighter.

“You know it!”


“I’m sorry to say I don’t remember much about it, but I remember a lot of relaxed zbornaks and little streams…” He kept describing little fragments of a memory like the elders would back home - the stories, however vague, matched. “It really is a shame I can’t go see it again and get some of those memories back…” He shrunk with his last sentence, worried he’d stepped on Sylvia’s toes again.

However, Sylvia had no brainpower available to be upset with Wander, between handling the nostalgia for a place she remembered even less than Wander chipping at her heart and dealing with the ludicrous factoid that Wander was significantly older than her.

“…Yeah, well,” she said, trying to brush off the whole thing, “space work can be fun, I guess. It helps me feel like less of a waste of space.”

She wanted to kick herself as soon as the words left her mouth. The heat was frying her brain like an egg if she thought that voicing her deep-running refugee’s insecurity was a good idea. The last thing she needed was for her opponent to have something he could use against her, and Wander’s gasp at this information seemed to confirm that he was intrigued.

But what Wander said next didn’t make any attempt at exploiting this. At bringing her down. At doing any harm to her whatsoever.

“Sylvia… Why would you ever think that you’re a waste of space?”

That tore it. Sylvia let her scrambled brain and its equally scrambled emotions crash through any strategic thought and she growled. At first, Wander’s little sweet-and-positive act had been making her job easier, but now it was just patronizing. “Oh, don’t give me that clueless frown. You already said you knew about Zborna.”

That reminder changed nothing in Wander’s disapproving expression. “Now Sylvia,” his tone was on the cusp of scolding, and made Sylvia feel like a child, only enraging her further, “I’ve been a lot of places, and I gotta say - in my professional opinion - that you have a bad case of stinkin’ thinkin’.” She didn’t have a chance to ask what he was getting at before he continued his gentle rant.

“Not once - not in all the galaxies - have I ever met anybody who didn’t matter.”

Sylvia’s rage drained from her faster than her sweat had been for the past five hours.

She tried to repeat her mantra in her mind - that there was no way Wander was actually like this. That nothing he said could be taken as face value. Nobody was this positive. Nobody was this friendly. Nobody was so kind to a stranger. The light that shone from Wander was artificial and would be switched off under the right circumstances.

But all of Sylvia’s fabricated warnings that had been echoing in her head were beginning to fade, exhausted. The little, compassionate smile Wander was giving her and the sentence it had come with had a sincerity and warmth that she’d never seen even the craftiest bounty fake. It pierced her and made her feel queasy - like her heart was being squeezed.

“…Right,” was all Sylvia said as she started back on their course towards the city, trying to forget that she was experiencing all the telltale symptoms of guilt.

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