Wander Over Yonder

Why are we not discussing this yet? :mrgreen:

I’ve still yet to watch it! How many episodes are released at the moment?

11 IIRC. :slight_smile:

I LOVE just about everything in this show. :mrgreen: The voice acting, art direction, characters, music, etc. are superb!

I want to see it sometime!

I had no idea just how much I’d end up loving WOY, but seriously, I love it to pieces! The awesomeness that is the creative genius of Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust has made something truly amazing! And the show’s style, its humor, the characters, the voice actors, the stories, the optomism… honestly I could spazz about this all day long… :mrgreen:

I just got the season pass on iTunes so I can watch it like 10000000 times. :laughing:

^Awesomely awesome :mrgreen:

So I finally started watching this show, and only a few episodes in (plus the latest one) I can safely say I really like it! Great art direction, entertaining animation and gags, and endearing characters and voicework. It’s very charming. Jack McBrayer is sooo great. I was very delighted to hear him singing in the third episode!! I also love Wander and Sylvia’s dynamic. A friend joked that it was like Felix and Calhoun in space, lol!

It’s very Felix and Calhoun in space… except I can’t ship them at all for some reason. It’s like platonic Felix and Calhoun in space. :laughing:

^Haha I’ve been thinking the same thing for a drawing… with Lord Hater as Ralph and maybe Westley as Vanellope :slight_smile: And also, welcome to the galaxy of Wander fans, Leirin!

I had to dig SO hard to find this topic again!

Did anyone watch the Birthday Boy episode?? It was so cute and funny!

I want to see it badly, Leirin, but it seems as though that Wander’s wandered from Disney Channel to Disney XD permanently, and I don’t happen to have Disney XD in my cable lineup at the moment and I’m not sure how to keep up with it now :cry: But OWP never gives up; OWP finds a way… :slight_smile:

I just downloaded the first episode on iTunes a while ago…and I loved it!

Oh no!! :frowning: I wasn’t aware of this; I don’t have cable so I have to scour the internet to find a place to watch. :laughing: I hope it hasn’t left the regular Disney Channel permanently though, that would make me sad… :frowning:

evspixarfan: Cool! :slight_smile: It gets even better from there on out, too.

It was!!! I liked it a lot. :smiley:

Hater made so many good faces in it, too. Although I felt kinda bad for him… :frowning:

I still need to see The Hero, but it will be once again a struggle of seeing if it’s online anywhere.

I don’t really know why it’s seemingly left… I guess they figured there was a bigger audience on the more action-driven “boys” channel? IDK, but it’s not cool when I don’t have the channel! I haven’t had too much luck finding them online at the moment either… I may just give in and do what Netbug did and buy the season pass :slight_smile:

Pardon me for bumping yet another Disney topic but more of WOY has been shown over the last two months and the new episodes are awesome!! The Brainstorm, The Void, and The Fancy Party are probably my favorite out of the batch, although The Day and The Night were totally creative too. Also, with season 2’s confirmation came this interesting little blurb:

I am totally interested in seeing what this means—if I’m thinking right, that almost sounds like a TV movie :open_mouth: It’ll be so crazy seeing a whole season of connected episodes!

Thankfully, I’ve been able to catch up with more of the new episodes lately as DC has been airing them on Fridays on “Disney XD on Disney Channel”, and yeah they have been great! I’m still constantly impressed by the awesomeness of this show :slight_smile: And wow cool to hear Leirin! I’d love to see a whole interconnecting storyline!