Welcome to the Fan Commentaries Section

May I be the first to welcome you to the newest division of Pixar fandom here at Piixar Planet: Fan Commentaries. Here, you guys can schedule upcomming projects, review/critique/comment previous commentaries, and overall, have a blast here.

If you’ve participated in a feature commentary, be sure to add yourself to the Fan Commentaries usergroup, too! =)

I did. I’m just wating for my request to be approved.

Yeah, guys, you have to wait for me to approve you, keep that in mind. :wink:

This is wonderful! It’s great to see that the Pixar “Fan Commentaries” now have a section all to their own; plus, it rids the main “Fandom” section of clutter so as it doesn’t look too busy. Who would have thought that a simple idea would turn into a Usergroup…?

I subscribed to the “Fan Commentaries” Usergroup, so my acceptance is pending. Way to go on heading both the “Pixar Planet Award Winners” and “Fan Commentaries” Usergroups, Rachel!

– Mitch

Yeah, who would have thought a fandom idea would spawn its own usergroup/icon and a sub-forum? Pretty neat!

And I accepted you, Mitch. Originally I was going to only add people that had completed a feature, but since you’ve participated in a practice and are going to be in the WALL•E commentary in a few weeks, then I suppose that’s ok for you to be a part of the group then. :wink:

And thanks! I feel proud to be responsible for those two usergroups. I have to give Peter credit for co-making the snazzy FC icon with me, though, and proposing the ideas in the first place. =)

Indeed. From one idea to the next… propositions become reality, and that’s how Pixar got started… :wink:

Oh! Oh, dear! I’m terribly sorry. In that case, I’d rather you take me off of the list until I’ve participated in the first WALL-E commentary. I don’t want to break the rules. :blush:

You’re welcome! And, yep, many thanks are in order for Peter, as well. Thank you, Peter! :smiley:

– Mitch

May I just ask; ‘what is a fan commentary?’ Is it, as I assume, a recording of a fan of the film talking about his/her favourite sections of the film as they come along? Or is it more complex?


Mitch - You’re welcome. =)

Halos Nach Tariff - You’ve pretty much got it. A fan commentary is a recording of a fan (or fans) of the film, talking about the film. The recording is played at the same time as you watch the film. If you want to listen to our commentaries and practices you can find them here.

It’s ok Mitch - don’t sweat it. :wink:

Halos Nach Tariff: Fan Commentaries provide an extra point of view from the Pixar fans. You should try to join one. It really is a great experience.

Yay, so pleased this section is up now! Anything to do with improved organisation is always fine by me! :laughing:

I’ve asked to join the Fan Commentary group too, and well done for Rachel for sorting it all out, and Peter too. I really love the Fan Commentary usergroup icon.

I’ve been trying to join this group for a while. Each time it says I’m not a member. Do I have to make a post in this Forum or something :question: :unamused:

lizardgirl - Thanks very much. =)

TAMATER - The Fan Commentary usergroup is specifically to categorise and identify members who enjoy participating in the Pixar Planet Fan Commentaries. You haven’t participated in a practice commentary, much less in a feature fan commentary so I didn’t add you to the group yet. Have you posted any solo commentaries of your own here that I don’t know about? If so, then I could add you to the FC usergroup. It’s for anyone who has done a commentary either with the group, or on their own.

Oh. :astonished: Okay. Thanks! :laughing: I’ll make sure to do that sometime soon! :wink:

Oh yeah, this is awesome! I’ve only being vaguely aware of usergroups (Ooh, I got a shiny little trophy under my username! This is wicked!), so this is a new feature for the forum! Well, I’ll put off applying to this one until I’ve done the Wall-E commentary, although I’ve participated in one of the practice ones for Your Friend the Rat (if you’ve never heard my ‘frog voice’ before, just trawl through the back-threads until you find the YFTR link! :wink:)

Anyway, welcome, one and all, to a brand new usergroup! These are exciting times… :smiley:

This is probably not worth posting here because this message is addressed at the same people that don’t take the time to read these types of messages - but please only request to add yourself to the fan commentaries usergroup AFTER you’ve completed a fan commentary (a practice doesn’t count), whether it be with the official Pixar Planet fan commentaries group, or one that you’ve recorded yourself. Thanks.

Sorry if my earlier entry misled anyone… I’ve participated in the Ratatouille and Wall-E commentaries since that last post, so, yeah, peeps, if you wanna wear that shiny badge, ya gotta earn it first! Then you can be a Wilderness Explorer, just like Russell! :smiley:

Would anyone like to do a fan commentary with me? I always thought this idea was amazing, but it seems as if the idea has died.

I would really love to make one :smiley: