We're comin' down to Earth to be built by you, if you want..

I love LEGO. I love WALL-E. I combined the two on LEGO Cuusoo. If you’ve seen my Up thread, you know that Cuusoo exists for LEGO fans to get support for ideas, and maybe sets if 10,000 people like the idea.lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/17338

Wowwww! :smiley: I love the idea of a WALL-E lego set, so much potential!

I’ll admit, when I first saw a picture of WALL-E years ago, Legos was one of the first things that came to mind. :laughing: Good job!

I think especially as something robot-centric it works well, I mean given the popularity of Star Wars Legos!

I’m all for WALL-E legos! I’ve even once thought of how WALL-E as a Lego game would be, having analyzed the gameplays of both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego games… :unamused:

Looking excellent! I’ll support it as soon as possible.

sounds wonderful…WALL-E LEGO coming together :smiley: …waiting to see this one