What are you eating right now?

I’m eating Cheez-Its. What are you eating? Bonus points for healthy food! :smiley:

Kinda like what are you listening to right now.

right now, I’m eating some bagels.

My saliva!

Oh boy! NOw that’s gross! :exclamation:

Peanut butter sandwich. Hard to believe I used to hate peanut butter.

I just ate loads of popcorn…i feel sick…-.-

I just had three burritos!!

Too much Doritos!!! :laughing:

I’m like Al with those Cheetos… :smiley:

Just had a couple scoops of chocolate ice cream, and I’m about to have dinner soon.

I was at a BBQ and had two hot dogs. I love hot dogs :smiley:

For dinner tonight, I had steak and baked potato.

Pizza. Mushrooms and pepperoni. With some carrot slices to make myself feel better about it.

I knew this’d be a hit! :smiley:

I’m trying not to chew my fingernails, and I’m still trying. :shake:

Joint the club A113. I still have trouble with biting my nails and fingers.

And this may sound gross, but being a funny guy, when people ask me about my nails/fingers, I always ask if they wanted a streched truth or straight truth, and if they wanted a streched truth, I tell them I was hungry.

I usually don’t eat at the computer. At least I try not to. If I do it’s usually something like chocolate (my one weakness) or a packet of chips, not like a main meal or anything.

I had chicken for lunch today.

Rachel- Yeah, ditto that. I can’t afford to get my white laptop dirty. :stuck_out_tongue:

The last thing I did eat was a nectarine.

ooh, i have a white laptop too :smiley:

i’m eating pocky! 8D

Ooh, which kind? Chocolate or strawberry?