What are you listening to right now?

Right now, I can’t stop listening to this:

Hula song :laughing:

Rascall Flatts - My Wish

My Sisters-"Typical


Nickelback - If Everyone


You’ll Be in My Heart

[quote="Fairly Odd

New Yorker"]
You’ll Be in My Heart
Oh I

love Phil Collins. As a matter of fact, I am listening to his songs from the Tarzan soundtrack right now.

Circle - Harry Chapin Live

My new Hed Kandi CD. Some nice

summer tunes on there. :smiley:

Elton John - Can you Feel the Love Tonight

Beautiful song… Almost makes me

cry… <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

[size=59]P.S.: Yeah, I’m obsessed with The Lion King…


Michael Buble - Home

Tori Amos- “Winter”

I made a Narnia music video

for it and found someone else did the same, and I hate to brag but mine’s so much better and in sync, to say the

least. The only thing about mine that I think really stinks is the quality, but that can’t be helped.

Well, right now I’m listening to “Tell Me Lies” from [i]Cats

Don’t Dance[/i]. I forgot how much I loved this particular song…until my sister and I watched the

film itself again after neglecting to see it for…two billion years. Eheh.

Maggie - Yay for The Lion King fans! :wink:

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

Mitch - Amen! :laughing:

The background music on Gaia Online. :stuck_out_tongue:

Michael Buble - Everything

Then: Daft Punk - Technologic (Farzade
Now: Gorillaz - El Manana

That song is infectious. I had it on repeat yesterday while drawing and I think it seeped into my brains… :open_mouth:

Incubus : “A Crow Left of the Murder”

Kakugo from Jigoku Shoujo sound track.

All- American Rejects - Move Along