What are you listening to right now?

[size=92]Share your taste of songs if you’re listening to music at the moment. ^-^ I’m listening to

To The Moon And Back by Savage Garden. Such an awesome song![/size]

Well, I just finished listening to the

Incredibles soundtrack. Now, I am listening to a song called “One in a Million” by Bosson.

Then: The Afters - Beautiful Love
Now: Immediate Music (a.k.a. the best trailer

music producer ever) - Serenata

Every Time We Touch by Cascada. =)

Le Festin by Camille. :slight_smile:

I saw them sing that song two days


~Currently Listening To~

Voices," Barlowgirl.

To be honest, any

time I’m on the computer I’m usually listening to The Incredibles soundtrack. But soon I’ll probably move onto

the Toy Story one, then the Ratatouille soundtrack after that. :sunglasses:

Yellow Submarine - The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

I listen to my Rascall Flatts CD very

regularly now… I absolutely love the songs. I highly recommend it. :smiley:


Well, call me crazy, but I am now listening to the Yu-gi-oh english theme song. :laughing:

TSS - Heheheh, yeah, that is a good theme song.


bawpcwpn - At least I am not the only one who listens to old songs.

Many of

my former classmates listen to the modern gentres I am really not interested in. I ususally listen to Phil

Collins or Melissa Etheridge, rock mostly. Right now, I am listening to I Need To Wake Up from Inconvenient Truth

by Melissa Etheridge.


Great song…I’m actually listening to their Hey Jude. Another classic. :sunglasses:

Now, I am listening to Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts. Before that, I was listening to

Green Day “Time of your life”.

Right now,

I’m listening to " What Hurts the Most " by Rascall Flatts. That has gotta be one of my favorite

songs of all time.

“Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson, 'cause

it’s on a music video I made. ^^

Guster chunklet!

Then: Guster - I Spy
Now: Guster - Airport Song

Now, I am watching a music video for the

music. The song is called Sorefume. It is a japanese song. I don’t know what it means, but I love the tune so


Sting- “Fortress Around Your Heart

The Wreckers - Leave the Peices