What biopics would you like to see made?

Here is one figure that desperately needs a feature-length biopic in my opinion - Charles Dickens.

Although Dickens’s life has been the subject of at least two TV miniseries and two famous one-man shows, he has never been the subject of a Hollywood big screen biography.

I agree, I’d love to see one of him.

I think that there should be a biopic of Alexander Hamilton.

Nobody knows who he really is, but he’s a fascinating man in American history. Most people know him from his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Hamilton was an illigetimate child born on a random island in the Caribbean, and grew up to be an important figure in the American Revolution and the years that followed. He is best known for wanting a strong centeral government, being a federalist, and wanting to open a National Bank. He was also involved in the first major politician to have an affair scandal in the United States. His life is fascinating!

You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we’re dropping Hamiltons.

Great idea for a biopic.

Yay, I’m glad someone else agrees! And I love that quote, thanks so much for that Saturday Night Live reference!

Mick Foley. Former pro-wrestler/WWE champion, actor, and NY Times best-selling author.

People have been trying to start the movie version of his first autobiography for years. It’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. His life has been extraordinary and he is an amazing person.

I’ve been thinking, I’d also love to see a biopic on Sacagawea! In 5th grade, my school had a wax museum, and I dressed up and reported on Sacagawea. I think more people should know about this remarkable 16 year-old mother who helped Lewis and Clark across the continent with a baby on her back!

I think a Robert Downey, Jr. one would be pretty cool. His drug problems, multiple arrests and a very big, award-winning comeback.

One name - Dean Martin. I could see it so well.

I have gotten this rather interesting idea - a biopic of Rondo Hatton. He was a horror actor in the 1930s and 40s, who was the only actor to have acromegaly.

Here’s his Wikipedia article:


I could definitely see this happening in maybe 20 or 30 years.

I am amazed that this has not been done yet - a biopic of legendary horror writer H. P. Lovecraft:


Audrey Hepburn. I know that one’s already been made, but I really thought it sucked. :\

There’s a biopic of Audrey Hepburn, is there? Well, that’s nice to know.

A biopic of Dr. Seuss would be just positively terrific.

Especially since one of his great friends was my favorite animator of all times, Mr. Chuck Jones (he worked with Seuss on the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas! cartoon).

What’s the name? I’d like to check up on that.

There’s apparently a biopic of Sugar Ray Robinson in the works:

slashfilm.com/2010/10/06/sug … the-works/

I’d be up for this.

Can’t think of any biopic ideas lately. Recently, they’ve just been coming out, but I guess I’m having a brain block.

I think that a biopic of the life of Hank Aaron would be good. What a story. Or Jackie Robinson. Has one been made about his life? I don’t know. But, if there hasn’t, there should be.

Harry Truman. I think there was something a few years ago with Gary Sinise, but there needs to be an updated version. Eisenhower might be nice, but Truman for sure. I believe a Kennedy series with Katie Holmes is filming.

Walt Disney. Another good story. The Three Stooges need a better, more accurate movie.

One is out in theatres now about John Lennon.

I agree. We kind of give Walt Disney a saint-like status, but in reality he wasn’t a good artist or even an animator. Don’t get me wrong, he is very important in the world of animation, but what he did is controversial to most animation and film historians. Ub Iwerks is actually responsible for more of the artistry aspects of early, early Disney. However, he was a great producer, entrepreneur, storyman. and dreamer.

In fact, most animators of the day, even animators that worked for him, didn’t like him.

I have so many ideas in my head that it’s hard to remember them all. I will post them when I do remember.

One that came to mind earlier this evening is a biopic of Merv Griffin:


Roald Dahl, without a doubt. I know he had already written two partial autobiographies (Boy and Going Solo), but there’s so much more to the deeper realms of thought and imagination that went into his work that would be great for biography. :slight_smile:

There are actually so many great suggestions. My favourites so far are making biopics about Alfred Hitchcock, Walt Disney and Laurel and Hardy. :smiley: I’d also love a biopic on Marlon Brando. That would be great.