What biopics would you like to see made?

I would like to see an Edgar Bergen biopic; I don’t think one has ever been made, which surprises me somewhat.

Hmmm, time to get this thing back on its feet.

(For those who don’t know, because I didn’t until I looked up the word, biopic means a biographical film, the dramatization of a person’s life)

Hmmm, this is hard. I don’t really know. I’m thinking of historical people, but a lot has been done with them. If I were to choose someone more recent, I guess I would pick maybe a star with a rags-to-riches tale. But I don’t know any.

Well, I just had the idea last night of an Alfred Hitchcock biopic, simply titled Hitchcock. I had originally envisioned Leo DiCaprio in the role (don’t ask me why, but he’s one of my favorite actors), but in talking with my father, he said that he would have to either gain weight, or be in a fat suit. His suggestion was Philip Seymour Hoffman. I like that idea, really like it.

I want a Walt Disney bio, dude. I mean, he’s the greatest mortal ever to live. Can’t I at least have a biography? Or an (accurate) Einstien…Mozart (Amadeus is so wrong, it’s funny)! :smiley:

I would love to see a bio about Laurel and Hardy. The were the greatest comedy duo ever. Stan travelled from England with Chaplin to the US and met Ollie, who had always played a heavy in films before. The rest is history. It would be great to see how two very different men became the comedy greats they were.

I can’t really think of any historical figure I would like a biopic of at this moment…
Any biopic ever made should take a few cues from Walk the Line. It is so good, and I felt so engrossed in Johnny Cash’s life.

Maybe a biopic of J. D. Salinger? He led such a seclusive life, this might be difficult to make. However, if the filmmakers had enough information about him, I bet it would be eye opening and mind blowing!

John Lasseter, anyone?

While we do all love Mr. Lasseter, and it’d be very cool, I don’t think a biopic about him would be successful. The choice person needs to have some major tragedy/complex emotion/major obstacle/inner struggle for a really great biopic.

I wonder who they would cast to play John Lasseter… any thoughts?

It would be animated, of course. The first half, 1957-1986, would be 2D and 1986-present would be Pixar-animated. :laughing:

Ooh, very clever!

Yesterday evening, I was looking at Woody Allen’s Wikipedia article, and the template for his films. He has led an interesting life to say the least, including relationships with Harleen Rosen (whom he married at age 19; she was 15), Louise Lasser, Diane Keaton (who he cast in his Broadway play Play It Again, Sam, and went on to star in a number of his films), Stacy Nelkin, Mia Farrow, and, currently, Soon-Yi Previn.

He is a notable film director, whose films run the gamut from dramas to screwball sex comedies. He is also distinguished by his rapid rate of production and his very large body of work. To date, Allen has directed 42 films (including the television film Don’t Drink the Water), at a rate of one film every year. His current picture, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15, and will be released September 23. He has also announced his next film for release in 2011: Midnight in Paris.

Personally, I would like this biopic to cover both the film aspect of his career, and his personal life. If this is to be a truthful biopic about one of cinema’s all-time greats, then doesn’t it have to include the bad as well as the good? If you just include the good, then you’re masking the fact that the man’s life wasn’t all roses. I’m not saying it should dwell on the negative, losing sight of his career, but at the same time the bad stuff shouldn’t be omitted, IMO.

Personally, though, I absolutely despise Allen and his films. For that reason, I’m surprised the idea of this biopic interests me - and it interests me highly. I’ve mentioned before ideas of filmmakers like Hitchcock, but if there is one filmmaker who has the history and life story that seems fit for a biopic, it’s Allen.

And, what would the film be called? This seems like the right choice, and the only title I can think of that works: Woody.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea?

John Lasseter had PLENTY of trials and tribulations before Toy Story was released. At one point, he was sleeping under his desk. Just watch The Pixar Story.

His major emotional turn: when The Brave Little Toaster got shelved and he got fired by Disney.

His triumph: November 22, 1995, or when Disney acquired Pixar.

Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me? I’m confused. :laughing:

No, I’m just naming the huge plot points if they made a JL biopic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I defenitely agree that a John Lasseter biopic would be great! Especially for us Pixar crazies. I just don’t think it’d be commercialy successful.

I agree, Love, because no one would know who he is, even though he’s at least a demi-god in my eyes. :cry:

Um, everyone knows who John Lasseter is. His name is plastered on some of the most beloved films of all time!

But every time I say his name to my family or classmates, they say, “Who in the sam heck is that?”

So I think he’s kind of random to anyone except for we religious fans. :slight_smile: I love John Lasseter.

I recently read that Jesse L. Martin is working on a Marvin Gaye biopic! OMG< how awsome would that be? I hope this is true.