What characters/actors can you impersonate?

Lucky! I bet you’re really funny when you’re hyper. 8D 8D

I cosplayed for the first time as Captain Jack Sparrow this year! One unkind civilian told me I was the “worst Jack Sparrow ever”. :frowning: But hey, everyone else loved it! A lot of girls wanted to take pictures with me! :slight_smile: It was fun to wave at little kids and grannies and see their shocked expressions.

I should do this more often.

I know! Once I was too tired to change into regular clothes, and when I came home, an elderly neighbor saw me. She obviously didn’t recognize me, so she was authentically shocked and scared 8D

I’m dying to see Spirit and TDIt impersonate Captain Jack now. 8D They could have a contest, if we ever had a convention.

I used to be able to do Yoda pretty well. I have no idea now 8D

I still can make Yoda. My best one is the laughing version from The Empire Strikes Back.

8D That sounds hilarious. 8D

I can do the “Git Er Done” thing almost exactly like Larry the Cable-Guy :smiley:

I can talk exactly like Stitch(from Lilo and Stitch, duh…)but I prefer not to. It’s embarrassing and unfeminine. 8D

Haha. I know a lot of girls who try it, so don’t worry.

My little sister can do the perfect stich.

Oh, who did you cosplay as? Captain Jack as well? :smiley:

IV: Haha, thanks! My friend and I even went out two days later (cos’ the convention was on Saturday and I had to return the costume on Monday) to take pictures in the city at Sydney. It must be very strange for families and office workers out on a weekday to see ‘Johnny Depp’ cavorting around. It was a harrowing but fun experience, and although I attended an anime convention, I actually got more pictures taken than my friends who accompanied me in their own costumes as well. :slight_smile:

One person even said loudly, “I thought Jack Sparrow isn’t an anime character!” When I told one of my friends that, he said that Jack actually is… in Kingdom Hearts! :wink:

Yeah, Sparrow, that’s what I said.

TDIT and Spirit: That’s pretty awesome! PotC is too awesome, and Jack Sparrow is really funny. That’s cool to hear that you cosplayed as him! :smiley:

I’d love to cosplay as a pirate someday. Perhaps as my own creation, Cap’n Fluffclaw the pirate skunk…

A few days ago, I was around with some people I visit often. I was bored, so what’d I do? I pretended my vest was a cape and then I was King K. Rool. The younger kids thought it was pretty awesome, and they even played along, pretending they were DK and Diddy!

While I do not sound or look like K. Rool at ALL (in fact I sound really girly, never quite realized that until I heard myself recorded) I got his personality and mannerisms down spot-on, my friends claim. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Spirit, I didn’t see it mentioned. That’s really cool, then!

Thanks Badger! It’s really awesome that you pulled off a King K. Rool impression! Did you speak in Dutch or English! Either way, it’s cool that the kids were impressed. You should totally cosplay as your OC, that would be epic! :slight_smile:

Of course I spoke Dutch since it is really unusual for little kids to speak English here! xD But I had loads of fun! I think I’m gonna persuade my dad to get me a helmet so I can also cosplay as Klump…

I used to be able to do a impression of Edna Mode from the incredibles, i cant anymore since my voicec changed :frowning:

One of my freinds does a really good stitch impression!

I can impersonate Pingu! 8D

Seems like Stitch is the most popular character that people can impersonate.

Can anyone do a good John Warburton impersonation?