What characters/actors can you impersonate?

I thought this would be a pretty fun topic to talk about. So what characters/actors can you impersonate? I could do a pretty good Urkel and a alright Jim Carrey.

None. I’m not good at that. 8D One time I tried impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger, and my dad and his friend were trying to figure out who it was. I did a terrible job, and they couldn’t figure it out. 8D 8D

One time, my dad and two of his friends (including the one mentioned above) were watching a movie or something, and one of them (not the one mentioned), started choking on some food and was talking, and the other friend (the one mentioned) asked him if he was impersonating Marlon Brando. It was scary and funny at the same time.

My dad can do a pretty good impersonation of Chewbacca.

I actually can’t impersonate anyone. I’m actually not that talented. But my family does great impressions.

Mario, Christopher Walken, Trent Reznor (when he’s whispering), Michael Jackson (at his ‘heh-heh’ moments), Johnny Cash (singing), High School Diva’s, Barney, Yogi, one of Seth Mcfarlane’s voice impressions, GLaDOS (when singing), Rick James (parody on Dave Chappelle Show), David Gahan, Any Redneck, Any English Slur, Loud Voices, Very Loud Voices, SCREAMING VOICES, Clint Eastwood (in his ‘you feel lucky punk?’ sketches), Scruffy, and i think that is all i can think of right now.

I usually do imitation stand-ups, and I’m very well known for them, but most of them are from Spanish-speaking celebrities. I’ve managed a few English ones, but not as much.

-Matthew McConaughey
-Woody(I’m very good at this one)
-Jessie(I’m not great at it, but I can)
-Elastigirl(I think I’m pretty convincing. )

My sister can do a 100% perfect stitch from Lilo and Stitch

I use to be able to do alot, but now that my voice has been changing, I can hardly do any at all. Which stinks, because my friends used to tell me that when I did my impersonation of Bugs Bunny, it sounded like the real Bugs Bunny was in the room with them. That would always put a smile on my face. But yeah, now my impersonation of Bugs Bunny stinks…

I wish I can do a Captain Jack Sparrow. THat would come in handy for my job this coming week.

What a coincidence!

I’m very famous for my Sparrow. I have costume and everything.

Dude, so cool. I’m jealous!

Yeah, that’s one of the few English speaking characters I’m really good at.

Not that I might know any, but is there any non-english people you can impersonate SoA?

A lot. As I said in my first post:

If you would, would you name a few?

Most of them are political figures from my country. Political humor is very big in here right now. Some others are celebrities.

I can’t really impersonate people, but when I get really hyper I sound a lot like Rapunzel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do Loid from the radioplay Loids are not Christmas. :laughing:

I got others!

Fred, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Sylvester Stallone, 1940’s mafia, Borderland’s Lance Drones and announcements, Stereotypical African-American accent, Curly (the woop gesture), Dr. Zoidberg (same thing with Curly), Sigourney Weaver (A.I. voice), British English Slur, Irish English Slur (in my blood!), Scottish English Slur, Sean Connery, Pirate English Slur, Justin Bieber (high pitched woman tone, anybody can do it!).

I can do a mean Diddy Kong impersonation, heck yeah. Should probably record myself once… squeak, squeakity, squeak! My poor voice!

A friend of mine can do EVERYONE in that series though. From Krusha to DK himself.

I’m pathetic.

And I consider my Phoney Bone voice to be the best. Every time that dude says something, I gotta read it out loud. Seeing as he has no ‘real’ voice being a comic character, it just sticks and I can’t imagine nothing else.
For the record, Phoney looks like this.

Also, while my English speech is horrible, it’s almost perfect when I’m reading Bone. Thank you, Jeff Smith!