What does Kronos mean?

I like that explanation, FigmentJedi. :smiley:

Oh yes, I remember learning that in school! Thanks for the reminder Spirit!

Maybe I watch the Kronos movie one day. I remember in 9th grade, we spent half a year on Greek Myths in one class.

Okay, but I warn you. The movies doesn’t have anything to do with mythology.

I sort of am interested now. But at the same time, not. We’ll see. But I probably should anyway. :neutral_face:

When I first saw Kronos, I was confused. BUt doing research on it really helped. I am now more aware of what it means.

That really makes sense! Kronos was a Titan who wanted to stay in power, right? In fear of being overpowered and dethroned eventually, he swallowed his children whole (weird, I know- even weirder, since they were immortal they grew up inside him…but that’s not the point).
ANYWAY, maybe it’s cuz Syndrome is like Kronos in a way. He destroyed the supers so that he could be the only one people look up to.

His plan seemed to look that way. He killed two birds with one stone, figuratively speaking, by testing his Omnidroid and eliminating other supers as well. So in the end, he would be the last Super standing.

…Until everyone became super. Bum-bum-bum!

Well… after he lived his SUper hero fantasy first.

So he would be the first last super. 8D

Kind of like the start of a new era.

I wanted to know what that means too.

Incidentally, Kronos is the pronunciation of the Klingons homeworld (spelled Qo’noS) from Star Trek so I always get a kick outta that. Though I did know that Kronos as a word had something to do with time.

I never knew that, interesting bit of information^^.

Now that I know Kronos is a 1950s science fiction movie, I’m wondering if Buddy Pine saw it when he was a kid and that was the inspiration for his plan.

I think Kronos was the god of time.

Which was why his name was used as a basis for the term chrono, indicating time.
For example, chronometer is a technical name for clocks, watches, timers, etc.
Or chronological in temporal science.

That’s why I think it was used in this movie, since it was a timer ticking down.

Or Syndrome had a godhood delusion, so chose that password as a hint towards his obsession with being all powerful.

Yep, Cronos was the father of Zeus.

^^You mean this Kronos?

Kronos (Chronos) was the god of time in Greek mythology. My theory is this. In Greek mythology, Ouranos was the “head” god of heaven, and gave birth to Kronos. Kronos is forced to not be “born”, and is suppressed down, for fear of over throwing Ouranos (Who prefers to work alone, ringing any bells yet?). Incredi-boy feels hurt when Mr. Incredible does not want him (similar to how Kronos felt). Kronos rises up and kills Ouranos after many years of being suppressed. The now evolved Buddy, known as “Syndrome”, feels he needs to kill Mr. Incredible to truly complete his evolution into the head honcho. The other “supers” he kills along the way are just collateral damage for the true test of his power, killing Mr. Incredible. He makes his password to everything “Kronos” and also marks it in the cave on his island using the stalactites and stalagmites because he feels he is the modern version (or embodiment) of Kronos. However, Syndrome (Kronos) was destined to fail from the beginning if all of this is true. Kronos is later killed by the next offspring, Zeus, who is far more powerful than anyone knows or can imagine (Possibly represented by Jack-Jack?). Kronos tries to prevent his own demise when Zeus is to be born. Ultimately his own attempt at preventing his death, ends up causing his death (represented with syndromes cape in the airplane?). This is just my theory, but if this is the case, then Pixar put a lot of work to represent Greek mythology in a modern adaptation, with “super-heroes” who have “Powers no one else has”, just like Greek Gods have powers the mortals do not have.