What does Kronos mean?

I’m watching The Incredibles right now (Trying to watch all the pixar movies before i see Cars 2) and i am wondering Syndrome’s password, kronos means. And how did Bob guess it so fast?

I’d love to know!

Y’know, in the cave scene with Gazerbeam? It was written in the rocks. As for what Kronos means, I don’t know.

Ah, okay.

“As for what Kronos means, I don’t know.”

Awww. Thanks for the help anyway!

Taken straight from IMDB.

Kronos was originally the Greek God of time, he was Zeus, Hades and Posideon’s father and was the leader of the Titans.
Although the IMDB quote makes more sense as to why they used it.

Is it named Kronos in reference to the 1957 movie, or is that a coincidence?

Knowing how much the Pixar team likes to put references like that into their films, I highly doubt that it is a coincidence.

I always thought it was because Syndrome liked Greek mythology. My mistake. My dad said that, and it made sense, and I’ve always assumed such to be the case. 8D

I was watching a long lecture video about Pixar once on YouTube with Brad Bird and Andrew Stanton, and when someone in the audience asked Brad about it he said it was a coincidence. Jump to 1:17:40 to listen (and yes, it’s that long of a video):

[url]Pixar - A Human Story of Computer Animation - YouTube

Good. I would hate to think it was an obscure reference to a garbage 50’s horror movie.

Have you seen it?

No, I guess I had no place saying that. It’s just my experience that 50’s horror movies are not good at all.

Is this Kronos good?

I don’t think those movies were bad, just that they didn’t age well.

But when one gets to think how did they made them, they begin to stand out.

Sorry. I guess I probably should have left it at “Greek Mythology is way cooler than 50’s horror/science fiction movies”. 8D

When I hear Kronos, it reminds me of something a Greek God would be called.

That’s cause actually Kronos (or Cronus) was Zeus’ father.

He wasn’t exactly a God, but a Titan, which is similar.

Oh! He tried to eat Zeus, didn’t he? Okay, I totally know who that is. 8D I feel slow now.

You’re right, he tried to eat him and his siblings, but Zeus finally defeated him.

My dad always points out how cool it is that Syndrome says Kronos because my dad uses Kronides for his email and all his user names. 8D He’s as big of a dork as I am about some things.

Seeing as Kronos and the rest of the titans were brought down by his son Zeus, the project name is a metaphor for Syndrome destroying the Supers, father figure Mr. Incredible included.