What Wallpaper Are You Using Right Now?

Wallpaper Question

  • Pixar-related one
  • Non-Pixar one

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I’m using a WALL•E wallpaper from its website :smiley:

Right now I am using a picture that a friend of mine took of a wheat field. I thought it was very pretty, so I decided to use it :slight_smile: I change my background constantly, though.

Here’s my wallpaper. :smiley:

I’m using a picture of Shiprock, New Mexico, from Webshots. Webshots is a great website for wallpaper. And it’s free! Just search for anything, and you’ll most likely find a geat picture of whatever it is you’re looking for.

Hey, JF, what is that? It looks pretty weird, but cool. :open_mouth:

idk, just something I found of Deviant Art…

I used to have a Ratatouille one way back (the “dying to be a chef” one) but now I use photos of sunsets or nature that I’ve taken myself.

I’m currently using a Final Fantasy VIII Wallpaper. This one:

I’m using the Buzz and Woody from the WALL•E Superbowl TV Spot Wallpaper!!! :smiley:

Stonehenge. Been that way for a while because it’s such a beautiful shot.

On my Mac, I’ve got a default of a thunderstorm at night, very pretty … and on my lappy, I’ve got a nice wallpaper of Queen Mab played by actress Miranda Richardson.

Curently I’m using a Non-Pixar Background. My background is concept art for Stargate Worlds. And just a heads Up, I’m Using a Windows XP.

Also we had a thread simular to this, here ths link. pixarplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1773

I never really use Pixar related stuff for things like Wallpaper. Right now, I’ve got a sort of vector type thing of a floating island with people jumping around on it. I always have an orange wallpaper because the sides of my laptop are orange and it matches. :slight_smile:

I’m using a pic that one of my DeviantArt friends drew for me, it’s of her Cars OC my Cars OC in love :slight_smile:

I have a wallpaper of my pet bunny.

Non pixar. Actually most of mine are non Pixar because most of them are Beatles ones. But right now I have one up for Valentines Day

My wallpaper is one big photo collage of Violet from TI.

I wish I could change my vote on that poll. :angry:

Anyway, I wanted to prove to K9Girl that I’m the bigger WALL•E fan, (yeah, I’m a freak) so I changed my wallpaper:

Great choice, eh? Enough room for my icons on the left, and it’s dark enough to see the icons and the program filenames, too! And WALL•E’s the star of my computer desktop! :smiley:

How come am I not surprised :laughing:

I used to have a big collage of DG/Glitch pics from Tin Man, but I agreed with my brother that it looked rather insane. :laughing:

Nice Wally, A113 :slight_smile: Or should I say Wall-E? :smiley:

WON: LOL I like to call it my “WALL•Epaper” :smiley: