What would a DVD short for A Bug's Life be like?

You know, like Mike’s New Car or the ones that take place within the film like BURN•E and Dug’s Special Mission. If they had made a short for A Bug’s Life, what do you think it would be?

I know that I am hardly on here anymore, so when this came to my mind one day I figured it would make a nice topic for you guys to answer here to make up for my lack.

I think it would have something to do with one of flik inventions, another idea would see what was fliks first invention, im guessing it was some kind of toy, since he was a child

Hey, Flik-E! :smiley: It’s nice to see you posting even if you’re just dropping by.

I was thinking it might be focused on more of the Circus Bugs’ acts, and maybe they’d throw Flik into the mix and see how well he does. Obviously, hilarity would ensue. :laughing:

I Have a story!
“Once Flik Was creating his latest invention: Fruit Juicer A113 Thousand! (LOL) But he couldn’t get
a fruit to test out, so he needed a few ants to try to get a fruit to test Flik’s invention, but at the end, something like a human foot stomps on flik’s invention, or a pizza planet truck drives through.

Nah, it would be better if they made “A Bug’s Life 2” And then maybe they put in a DVD Short.