What's on your mind? (Status Updates)

This can be taken down if you find it to be irrelevant, but sometimes I feel like posting short little blurbs instead of my whole life story over in the “Current Mood” thread. So why not have a thread where you can post your status, like on Facebook? :slight_smile:

I really wish I had a British accent. Only problem with that is, even if I picked up a good genuine accent, people around here where I live would think I’m weird or faking it. :confused:

little chef

I’m British! :smiley: Yet I sometimes talk in an American accent when I’m in a silly mood ;-o

Well there’s always someone on my mind… <3 I love you Garrett! <3

Nice idea for a thread little_chef! :wink:

Yeah, nice thread, little_chef! :smiley:

Right now I’m reading a book with an insane Jedi on the loose, so that’s mainly what I’m thinking about at the moment. Oh yes, and I’m hungry, but my brother is making lunch right now. :sunglasses:

I’m thinking about why my dog is licking her foot…

really nice idea! awww ami your on my mind always too… <3 <3 <3 :slight_smile: and surprisingly i can make my voice soung like arnold s… and somewhat darth vader… lol and an old creepy woman… lol :laughing: im wierd like that… and change my accent… anywho but yeah… lol

Just thinking about how epically awesome the music for Pirates of the Caribbean is. I’ve been listening to it all afternoon. :laughing: And the funny thing is, I’ve never seen the movie.

Oh yeah, I wish I had a British accent, too. :cry: My voice is sooo boring.

I also need a signature. Any ideas?

That’s a nice idea, little_chef, but it really depends on the British accent itself. Scouser or Mancunian, for example? Not my cup of tea. :laughing: (No offence to any Scousers or Mancunians on here!)

Hmm, I’m not sure if this thread is too similar to the ‘Current Mood’ thread…I only say that because everyone’s free to post something short and to the point on that thread, too, if you like. What do you guys think?

Hmm… what are some of your favorite movies? That might be a start. If you need any help creating your sig, I might be able to offer some assistance, too. :wink:

The first movie is very good. Awesome! The second is OK, and the third is about two stars in my opinion. The thing is that they brought in more money than the first movie because the first was so good and everyone wanted to see the sequels. But the first is spectacular. Fourth is coming out next year I believe.

And yes, Hans Zimmer did an awesome job with that. He also did the soundtrack for the recent Batman movies.

Actually, Hans Zimmer did not do the music for the first Pirates movie. Klaus Badelt, a man who worked under Hans Zimmer composed the score for the first movie. Zimmer did the music for the other two. That info surprised me the first time I read it. I thought Zimmer did all of them!!

Snipe: Umm…actually, I was kind of thinking of using a sig with Spanish Buzz on it, but I can’t find any good pics online. :unamused: Either that, or I can just use one of little chef’s old sigs. :laughing: But I would prefer a new sig with Buzz. Did you have something in mind? I don’t want to make you feel like you have to make me something!

Great idea for a thread little_chef_eva!

I’ve been thinking about my voice too. I used to be a really good singer (even participating in choir at one point), but for the past two years my voice has been cracking like crazy and I can’t even get past a high C note anymore. I can’t even sing in Rock Band anymore and everybody thinks I’m monotone. One day my voice will return…one day. :mrgreen:

I’m thinking about my accent now. It’s southern like Mater’s. :laughing:

Daughter of Eve: I didn’t have anything specific, I just like making sigs. :wink: and about the Spanish Buzz, I was looking for a [spoil]Mr. Tortilla Head[/spoil] image for a sig, but I can’t find much of those either. I’d say we’re either going to have to get pictures from the previews (which I can get in pretty high quality) or wait for the movie to come out on Blu-Ray. :sunglasses:

[quote="skunklover":35seek9p]I’m thinking about my accent now. It’s southern like Mater’s. :lol:[/quote:35seek9p]
Well, dadgum!! 8D (Just had to say that… haha)

[b:35seek9p]Snipe:[/b:35seek9p] Well, I guess we’re in the same boat, then. Where do you find high-quality stills, may I ask? I tried finding HD vids on Youtube so I could use the "print-screen" thing, but even though it was in "HD", it still wasn’t the best quality. :-\ Oh well. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the DVD release.

[b:35seek9p]Chuckles:[/b:35seek9p] Sorry to hear about your voice. I’m sure you’ll find it again. ;)

Most of (if not all) the previews are on the official site, and you can print-screen from there and crop the image. :wink:

I had a wonderful MSN/Skype chat with Czarine and another friend of ours from another forum a while ago. :smiley: Though it’s kind of sad to think that my internet friends want to talk to me more than my real life friends do… :confused:

little chef

I’ve been playing the ^,>,v game for about 15 minutes. Whenever I post my reply, I am late and then my answer is irrelevant. Either that or I post on time and then someone else is late and then their answer makes no sense…


It’s all to funny. It goes on and on and on…

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Great idea, little_chef! I just set up a Twitter account, BTW, but I suppose this could be useful for blabbers more than 160 characters!

I’m graduating on Monday in my convocation ceremony, and I’ve just realized how fast time flies. It felt like only yesterday when I first set foot in Australia to begin my undergrad degree three years ago, and now it’s all coming to an end in three days time.

And I just realized how it’ll soon be three years since I joined this wonderful forum, and how that, too, will have to come an end once I start working. Although, I may pop back from time to time, and you can be sure that I’ll resurface once the next Pixar movie comes out!

Sigh Like a wise dude once said, the only constant is change.

This is a pretty interesting thread. Now I can look inside all of your minds! :smiling_imp:

E-j-e hey i think everyone knows whats on me and ami’s mind… lol