What's the difference between Pixar Art and Story Intern?

Hi Guys,

I saw Pixar posted available Art Intern and Story intern position. So what’s the difference between these two position, especially in portfolio preparation?

Anyone has ideas? Thank you! :smiley:

Hey celineyo, I was an animation intern in 2013. Art interns work on things like concept art, character designs, and color studies. It is very much based in fine art and design. Story interns work on storytelling and storyboarding. They write sequences and create storyboards based on specific assignments. Portfolio requirements will be very specific to each discipline. If you want to do story, show original storyboards and film treatments that you have created. For art, show your painting, drawing and design skills. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you so much rendrman!In that case I am going to apply art intern position! By the way do you know whether it’s better to submit portfolio earlier? The deadline is early March, but I’m wondering whether they will start looking at portfolio a month earlier and those applicants might got a larger chance of interview opportunities?


I’ve applied last summer the marketing internship last summer. I didn’t get it :frowning: But I plan on applying again for this summer! Anyway from my experience and of those I knew who also applied for various Pixar internships, applications and portfolios were not looked at until after the due date. Certainly turning it in early will be better than last minute but I don’t think it will really make a difference. From what I hear the different departments have people look at the portfolios for a week or so as well as the resumes, etc.

Hope this helps! I was hoping to see some posts for Pixar intern hopefuls for summer 2014! Good luck!

Thank you sirlupton! Don’t feel bad of getting the job in 2013. We all know how hard it is…but I believe your chances of getting the dream position are quite large with previous applying experience. So keep rolling and best luck on your 2014 application!

Thank you for making that distinction clear between the two.