What's your age and gender?

I’m surprised I didn’t find a thread about this!

Sometimes the usernames are very clear about the gender, but some others (like mine) could be confusing. So I think this could be a great way to know these things.

I’m 21 years old, by the way.

Good idea for a thread Spirit. It’ll be much easier to remember people’s genders this way. I often get mixed up, and I don’t want to be rude by asking :blush: Kay, I’m 17, and I’m a girl. A lot of people are shocked by that; maybe it’s the name?? Girls can rule the world too you know :smiling_imp:

I agree with that. You girls should rule the world. Just remember I supported you and be nice with me. I love girl’s power 8D

I’m 15 years old, and I’m a male. :unamused:

Evil_Genius: I feel so bad now, because I always thought that you were a guy! I’m so sorry! I guess that makes me guilty of stereotyping, haha. But actually I didn’t think that you were a guy because of your username, it’s because there’s a guy in your avatar. (Yeah, I know that doesn’t make much sense.)

I think that there should be little icons next to each member’s name depicting what gender they are. I think it’s been already suggested in the Feedback forum, though.

Anyway, like Snipe, I’m a 15 year old guy.

8D Don’t worry Ding, happens all the time. You certainly aren’t the first person to think I’m a guy. It happens an awful lot on the ign forums. I agree with your idea about there being something to indicate a persons gender in their profile.

I think I do remember somebody mentioning this a while ago, but I don’t think it was an actual thread where people introduced age and gender.

And I’m a 17 year old guy

Oh. My. Gosh. You’re a GIRL?!! :laughing:

I’m actually with Ding on the avatar thing… I thought you were a guy as well >.<

But, do I get redemption points because I’ve been called a guy before too? :smiley: (Actually, the accusation was first made by ffdude1906, who made the comment after seeing my sigs. Poor him. :stuck_out_tongue:)

17 and female as well :sunglasses:

I guess I’ll have to join the “I thought Evil_Genius_27 was a boy” club, sorry! :blush:

This will be a helpful forum, because lots of times I forget the gender and age of y’all!!!

Anyway, I’m 18 years old, and am a chick/female/girl/gal/woman/lady, pick whichever term you perfer!

I’m a fourteen year old girl. That likes Conker. :la: Darn it, no La on here? (sorry, been too much on DeviantART.)

People usually assume I’m older and a guy. My fandom’s to blame for that… (I mean, I’m not even technically allowed to play it!!1)

Oh, my. I tough some of you were boys, including Evil_Genius_27, of course :blush: (I agree with the avatar confusion).

Well, this is good. I’ve always wanted to know more about you.

I’m 14 and male. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

I’m 14 and I’m a lady ;-p , no not really I’m just a girl. It’s funny though! People think I’m 16 or 17 a lot. I love it when somebody says, are you 17? I love it! 8D



Anyone here think I was female or… :laughing:

I couldn’t decide about you, twitch (as rude as that may sound! :laughing:). I was leaning towards you being a guy though, but it really is difficult to tell sometimes!

I’m nineteen and a guy.

Haha, just kidding. :laughing: Quite clearly I’m a girl, hopefully my username has never left anyone in doubt!

These kind of topics are very helpful for me, cause when I know everyone’s gender on here I don’t risk the embarrassment of calling someone a boy or a girl by mistake. That’s one of the problems that can happen sometimes with having anonymous usernames.

15 and female.
Everyone should know this by now!

I’m suprised at how many young people there are on here (teens and early 20s) My family accuse me of being a little kid because I like Pixar, and they refuse to believe that there are other fans like me that are my age or older. Shame on them!

Don’t give it a second thoguht, lizardgirl My name is ambiguous anyway, so no one REALLY could know if I’m a boy or not.

:open_mouth: Wow, a lot of people thought I was a guy. Maybe I should change my avatar.

8D That made me laugh, I actually thought you were serious for a second there lizardgirl.

Hmm, I don’t know how, but I always knew you were a guy twitch. I was positive you were. Maybe you mentioned your gender in another post somewhere?