When applying for multiple interns. Question!

A few of my friends and I are trying out for Pixar’s internship this year, but there’s a few things we’re quite confused about. I’ve tried posting some questions in the official thread for interns, but nobody has answered so I decided to make a seperate thread for it.
This is more specifically for art/story/animation interns.

• First question: When applying for multiple interns, how exactly does it work? Do you only send in one application? If yes, how exactly does this work if you have multiple portfolios to send in? I for example have one website with different pages, one for each intern category. I would like to send a seperate link for each category depending which one I’m applying for. Would this be okay? (Only thing I’m sure of is that the demoreel should definitely be a video file)

• That leads me to my second question; does Pixar allow portfolio blogs at all? Or do they only want them in the form of pdf. files and do they refuse to look at a website or blog? I’ve seen them mention this somewhere because they ‘do not want to look at websites’ when it comes to demoreel breakdowns. But it’s all got me quite confused.

Thank you all for your help in advance!

The only thing I know about this is that they want all of your resumes and cover letters in one pdf file. It doesn’t matter how many positions you’re applying for, put all of them grouped together in one pdf document. I’m not sure on the portfolio question, maybe just provide a link to your website?

HR has thousands of applications to go through and the more convenient you can make it for them to review your portfolio, the better. If they need to navigate around your site, that’s extra work for them. If it’s absolutely necessary for you to submit a blog, go for it, but otherwise, it’s generally not recommended. I suppose for 2D artwork you can set up a minimalistic portfolio site, but I can’t think of anything these days that can’t be presented in a video format. A blog usually accompanies a video reel or a site portfolio in case they want to know more about you or your process.