Where is everybody?

Okay. Thanks for the tip! ('Cause feedback is desperately needed on mine.)

Other than that, the Upcoming Events really need to be updated. And we need a new skin for Brave. (And whatever happened to the Contests plus Radio Pixar?)

Well…when’s the last time we had a new moderator come in? (Reference to relentless spam problem attacking our boards for months and then continue to attack even after being cleaned up he last few times)

Looks to me like over half the current moderators are inactive. The only ones I see on here regularly are TSS and SoA.

I’ve noticed that too. TheStarSwordsman just recently returned from a long hiatus and the SpiritofAdventure only pops in once on a while. The lack of mods must have contributed to the spread of spambots.

Will any of the other mods from back in the old days ever come back? (I mean just look at how long it’s been since Sky last visited!)

Yeah life is hard sometimes. It didn’t help that Pixar had to go through its “sequal love” stage. With some people going through college and about to come out of that stage maybe we will see more returning old members.

We can hope…