Where is everybody?

It might just be me, but I’ve noticed this place isn’t as lively as it used to be. I understand members have actual lives outside the forum, however, its seems this place has turned into a ghost town. It’s kind of sad since I lurked the forum for years for information on the Toy Story Collection and other news about upcoming Pixar films. :~o

Maybe more news on The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, and Toy Story That Time Forgot might incite more discussion…

I know, right? Look at my fan-fic, for example…it’s sooooo lacking in feedback! (And I’ve tried to fix a few things on it, plus started my own graphics and fan art threads to try and get more attention to my fan-fic thread, but so far nobody is renewing it in the actual thread nor have they given me a vote on it.)

Yeah, it seems that there has been a lot of inactivity as of late. Could it be that some people grew bored? On another note, what’s your fan-fic about?

Well it’s called “LuxoVille”, SpaceSheriff. It’s a crossover kind of fan-fic I’ve been writing since last fall. I’ve already done a few changes to it sometime ago so’s to try and get more attention to my fan-fic. ('Cause let’s face it: It is definitely in need of…well, a lot more feedback.)

Why, I even tried to read and review other users’ fan-fics on here as yet another attempt to get the feedback I most desperately need!

By the way, very funny segments, a full-length story about a kitten who calls himself “Luke”…and there will be other full-length stories to come within the same thread: For example, when Dug meets a resident squirrel named Oak Bushytail. Or…when the townsfolk try to figure out the source of all the strange things across town–seemingly taking place overnight.

Well, it’s just something I’ve had in mind for quite some time, I guess.

Sounds like an interesting concept. Is it a continuing story or is it mostly one-shots?

Maybe some Pixar related news from Comic-con might attract some more members…if there is any… :frowning:

Yeah, it’s really quiet here. Honestly, when I started searching around for a Pixar forum, I expected to find a place bustling with activity since, well, it’s Pixar, I got the impression that it had a very high number of fans. Was pretty shocked when I only found this one forum, and it had so little activity. Can’t imagine why. :confused:

TheSpaceSheriff: Well, both. But I do tend to scatter.

Villainess: I think that one of main reasons why this board started out very active but then became inactive years later is probably because some of the stuff is outdated and hasn’t been updated for up to a few years now…because the staff seems to have neglected their duties.

EDIT: Oh my. Did I almost forget to mention that there are supposed to be running gags I’ve put here and there in them scattered segments all across and throughout my fan-fic?

Honestly I’ve found this place really boring so far. I used to lurk around here at one time, but never joined–and back then there was a lot more activity. Now? When I actually join? Not so much.

You and me both, pal. The irony is that once we arrive to continue discussion, the “party” is over.

My username probably scared them all off lol. :smiling_imp:

Haha! This probably happened:

This topic is pointless. We already have a million that are like it. It needs to be locked up.

Honestly, this used to be the top Pixar forum and discussion spot on the web. but I think that due to fomer members growing up, and that Disney moives have been resurging better than the new Pixar ones, Pixar Planet just hasn’t been active anymore.

Pixarfan91: I was afraid that might’ve been the case. If this gets locked I’ll probably move on onto the older ones.

TheStarSwordsman: I think the last reason might be an issue. Upcoming Pixar only updates once in a while.

If only I could just get some feedback in my fan-fic…but I’m afraid there’s just too few members left to do so. (If only they would…'cause I desperately need it.)

I’m planning on taking my fanfiction elsewhere as well (like Fanfiction.net) so I can get some more feedback. Cause I have had absolutely zilch feedback since I started it.

^Uh, GrimReaper? I might be able to read your fan-fic… (If the shyness doesn’t get me first, of course)

Fanfiction.net is a better place for fanfiction feedback because its more central.

Do you think I should do the same with mine too, TSS? Or should I just keep it right here? ('Cause I’d rather keep my Pixar stuff separated from non-Pixar, if you know what I mean!)

I post my fanfics bothon fanfiction.net and here on PP. I always get more feedback/fans/followers on fanfiction.net. although when the boards were active, I got a few active readers too.