Where on Earth is WALL•E set?

Just got inspired by the “Where is Toy Story based?” thread. If there’s already a topic like this, please lock it up.

I’d like to hear your opinions. Where do you think WALL•E takes place? (the scenes on Earth, not the Axiom)

I’ve got some: Yonkers, NYC, London, and Baltimore

Well, at the beginning of the movie when the camera zooms in on the Earth, it zooms in around the Tennessee area I think.

At the beginning of the film, when the camera zooms in on Earth, it almost looks like it’s somewhere around the North Carolina or Virginia area!

Cleveland. DUH!

Haha, kidding. Just wishful thinking! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s a new major city that sprouts up in the future?

To my guess, New York, no other city looks like that, how big and tall it is, plus the freeway in the movie.
Maybe someother big city in America :smiley:

I always thought it was New York. I mean, to me it looks like it zooms in on the New York area in the beginning of the movie.

Gah, now I won’t be able to stop thinking about this!

I always had the impression that it was New York, but I bet by the time the Axiom first left Earth, there was tons of big cities in the northern-eastern part of the United States. At least that’s where it looks like the camera zooms in/out of in the opening/closing scenes.

Remember, this is the future… new cities are made all the time, not to mention “re-zoning” of existing cities.

I think it’d be New York or some economic hub, due to the financial and economical footprint B&L has on the earth of that time.

Wow! A lot of people seem to think WALL•E lived in New York.

I think so too. Mainly because at one point during the sequence where WALL•E was treading his way home, there was a place where there were a lot of holo-screens on buildings (no, not the transit terminal) that showed BnL advertisements about food and other services, and it seemed very reminiscent of Times Square.

Also, the “world outside of Yonkers” mentioned in “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” is referring to NYC.

I seem to recall something about the location being inspired by San Francisco, but I don’t think it’s meant to be any place in particular. Makes sense to me; It kinda reminds me of SF with the bay and how the buildings are laid out, not to mention all the hills.

I agree with the SF Bay Area part. Probably WALL-E is set in the same area as all of the other PIXAR films are: in Emeryville California.

The style is probably pretty similar to the San Fransisco area because it would be easier and cheaper for the designers to go there for building models than NYC. But based on the Earth zooms and the feeling of the area, I’d still have to side with it being in New York.

I was just thinking about this!

My impression is that its somewhere on the west coast, I only think that because when Eve and Wall-E are sitting side by side watching the sunset, they are staring out to the ‘dune’ sea, with the city behind them. This would imply that it was a west coast location, like perhaps LA/ Long Beach or someplace like it. Or as noted before, somewhere in the SF Bay Area of the future.

On the other hand, I agree that the general description fits the megalopolis area of New York better. That, and the track of the spaceship seems to be more east coast-oriented.

I always thought it was Chicago, which is around the same place we see the Axiom land in the last ten minutes of the film.

I always thought that it was set in New York because of how the camera exited Earth at the end of the movie… could be wrong about that… some of my brothers argued that it was in Chicago, so maybe it was.

If it was in Chicago, then that would explain the dried up Lake Michigan.

Chuckles - that is a good point.

Personally, I think you can decide wherever you think it would be set. It’s a generic-looking city… possibly done deliberately.

My guess is that it all took place in Yonkers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Um, looks like Chicago to me.[/img]

Um, looks like Chicago to me.