Which is your favorite reality show?

Is Ghost Hunters considered a reality show?

I guess Wife Swap, that show was good. I think it’s really the only one I watch.

I watch a handful of reality shows, but they’re all competition-based, so they’re not quite as “trashy” as what many people associate reality shows with. I often watch “Top Chef,” “ANTM,” and almost anything with singing.

Also, I’m getting spambot vibes.

The only ones I watch are Survivor and Dog: The Bounty Hunter.

Generally not a fan of reality TV but I enjoyed American Idol and most cooking-related programs.

I don’t mind Masterchef but generally i’m not a fan of reality shows.

My favourite is “America’s Got Talent”. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t like how predictable it has become though. :unamused:

I actually do not like reality shows.