Who do you share your birthday with?

Any celebs? People in your family? Characters?

I share my birthday with…my mother. lol. Different year of course but the same day.

I share a birthday with Joss Whedon.

Always with my family! That’s what makes it super special! :slight_smile:

Michael Cera
Liam Neeson
Tom Jones
Dean Martin
Jessica Tandy

Oh right… this is what we were talking about! :blush:
Well, I’m fortunate enough to share my birthday with Alyson Stoner!

I share my birthday with them, too.

Here’s a site I found with a bunch of them.


Amy, you share my birthday? Wow!

Hope ,wish and so on

I share with the movie Ratatouille, aand a member here, Ecto-1A

That’s awesome!

A kid in my class in elementary school had the same exact birthday as me, right down to the year. Then when I was a senior in high school I became friends with a freshman girl who had the same birthday as me.

I share my birthday with a girl who used to be my best friend in elementary and middle school. We were “twins” because of it and had a couple of birthday parties together. And of course, we share our birthday with America. Although, it’s so ironic how her birthday is on Independence Day and she’s British. 8D

Me and Steve Jobs were born exactly 40 years apart (now he’s dead)

I read this in a biography (his date of birth mentioned in chapter 1 after the first few pages)

Apparently I share a birthday with Antonio Banderas. :V

little chef

I share a birthday with Julius Caeser’s mother, Philip II of Spain, the voice actress for Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, and the American Red Cross.

I apparently share a birthday with Mel Brooks… exactly 70 years apart! :open_mouth: Also John Cusack, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Wesley.

Do you know that if Steve Jobs were still alive he’d be 60 years old today? :mrgreen: