Who took the pictures?

Okay, so Carl has Ellie’s old adventure book. In the “Stuff I’m going to do” section, there’s tons of photos of her with Carl. If they have no children, who took the pictures?

Good question. Maybe they had set the camera on a timer?

Based on the number of people at their wedding, I beleive they had a few friends and family members to stay in touch with.

I always figured it was on a timer.

Armond White is that you?

Just kidding, but this was the argument that armond white used to say that the movie made no sense.

Anyway i think they took the pictures with a timer

I have always wondered about this, but I have no answer. I guess the timer theory is the best one.

I expect most of them were taken by friends, neighbors, other relatives, etc. Apparently, a few years have passed between Ellie’s death, and the main events of the movie (for one thing, Carl’s hair goes from gray to white). I think the whole high rise development happened after Ellie’s death, because I think Ellie would have been realistic enough, as the rest of the neighborhood was being demolished, to sell the house and move on. Carl clings to the house because it represents his life with Ellie, and he can’t bear to let go of it. “Back in the day,” I think they would have had plenty of friends/neighbors/extended family around, and that’s where at least some of the pictures came from.

Who was the cameraman through the entire movie?


Armond White said that? :open_mouth: slaps self

I didn’t mean to make anyone mad, I’ve always just wondered this, and I didn’t know that you could time cameras back then. Sorry. :frowning:

The same guy who was the priest, doctor, moviegoer, scientist, and Wilderness Explorer parent.

LOL I’ve wondered that too! It’s probably a timer. Carl probably took the one of Ellie looking out the window!

What I mean is: There probably wasn’t a particular cameraman, that wasn’t important anyway. I don’t think the guys at Pixar even thought about it themselves or at least considered it somewhat relevant.

I’ve always just wondered it, it’s not a negative thought. I’m not the first to ask a stupid, irrelevant question here. :frowning:

Just sharing my point of view, I’m not judging anyone…

Oh, okay. It just seemed really negative the first time.

Should have replaced ‘sarcasm’ with ‘irony’… Me and my vocabulary. :unamused:

Ah, I see. It’s my fault anyway. I’m too quick to get upset. :blush:

I think russel went back in time and disguised himself as a camera man and took the pictures after that he purposely infected eli let her die and planned the events of the whole movie just so carl would be his friend muahahahaha :smiling_imp:
Nobody hate me for saying all that stuff i just always think about an alternate story in every movie when i saw toy story 2 as a kid i always thought weezy plotted against woody and made him fall off the dog so al would take him but that was when i was a kid :unamused:

Wow, YouAreAToy!!!, that’s…interesting. :laughing: Creative idea. Do I smell a fanfic?

Yeah im not really into doing fanfics i mostly read em not write em so if someone wants to take my idea by all means do it just be sure to credit me :wink: