Who would like to see a Bolt 2?

Would you like to see a Bolt 2?

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okay…call me crazy, but…who besides me would like to see a second Bolt film?

Me personally no because it seemed to end perfectly for me they where reunited and lived happily back at there home… i dont know how they would do anything with that well maybe bolt gets lost on a trip…

I’d love to see a Rhino spinoff.

I say nay. The ending to the original Bolt movie was perfect, and in my opinion, a sequel would only ruin it. And I dislike most Disney sequels; I rather they continue producing original films with new stories instead.

Ooh I haven’t seen the first yet. It did look good though.

I adored the ending of the first one, so I’d be quite sad to see a sequel despite the enjoyable characters of the original. It’s the sort of film that doesn’t entice a sequel, in my opinion.

NO. Bolt was a good ovie. No sequel necessary, just…no.

I would have loved to see them do the actual Bolt series, as the one from the movie. That would have been interesting.

I haven’t watched the first one in a long time, but I say no to a sequel. I think it’s a great movie on its own. A sequel would seem unnessesary.

For quite some time after the film’s release, I considered myself an avid passenger of the Bolt sequel train. After my last viewing of the film this past November, however, I decided to hop off. While the characters are some of the most endearing I’ve ever seen on film (animated or otherwise), and the film itself stands right alongside Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski as one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time, the story doesn’t really lend itself to a sequel.

That’s not to say, though, that a sequel couldn’t be made, and done well. Hell, there are several films that stand perfectly fine on their own, but were followed by terrific sequels. The ones that come straight to my mind are Toy Story, Shrek (although the less said about entries 3 and 4, the better :stuck_out_tongue:), Batman Begins, and even the original Star Wars. I just don’t think that a sequel to Bolt is necessary.

Well said! That’s probably what I think too. But still, I would do anything to see the cute, furry titular character in a new animated feature. =/

Well, as long as we doesn’t get a Rhino spin-off I guess i should be happy.

I really like Bolt…it doesn’t need a sequel. Some movies have dissatisfying endings, but Bolt’s not one of them. It should be left alone and remembered how it is.

not sure, if disney can manage to make a big improve from the first film, which is not bad, but I found it very simple and plain, forgettable stuff after years

I think disney needs to move on and try for bigger things. I think the movie was good, but a bit forgettable.

And before today, I had no idea that this film had any kind of fanbase. I’m pretty sure the average disney-obsessed-fan didn’t like Bolt very much, so I’m guessing it just appeals to specific people? I don’t really know. Sorry if this is off topic.


I love Bolt, but just no. Originals, please!

My little sister would

I don’t trust Walt Disney Animated Studios sequels. Bolt wasn’t that great of a movie, imagine what a sequel would be like.

I would pay Disney 100 dollars to [u:esigfqsz]not[/u:esigfqsz] make a [i:esigfqsz]Bolt 2[/i:esigfqsz]. :-\

I personally really enjoyed Bolt. But a sequel would entirely undo the original, for me.

It didn’t appeal to movie critics much. Disney fans loved it but forget about it.

But the real obsessives are still around, lurking on strange places like the furry fandom or websites like dA or Fanpop or why not Fanfiction.com. Yes, Bolt has a pretty huge fanbase. ^^