Who's a band nerd?

Yes, another of “those” threads. Anyway, talk about marching band here!! :smiley:



Love, no volunteering other members. :laughing: Besides, we all know she is. :sunglasses: She’s just cool like that.

Lauren is one of the coolest people I know :wink:

And sorry for volunteering others backs away in shame

It’s cool, just cheating. :sunglasses:

I’m not, but half of my friends in high school were! I was one of the Aggies in high school, but I’m not going to bother starting a thread for that because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one!

I love marching band! Our band is going down to Florida this winter to play halftime at the Outback bowl, I’m so excited! One thing I don’t like about it though is that it just takes soooooooo muuuuuch time. :frowning:

I was in band at school last year.
I quit because the band teacher is a creepy perv.

Other than that it was pretty good.
I play(ed) clarinet.

You played clarinet? That’s what I play. Ding, that’s cool. We never go places :unamused:

I actually play alto sax, Virginia. But I started on clarinet, if that means anything!

I played Euphonium for 14 years. I turn 19 next month. I stopped last year because I got too busy. I was the drum major of my high school’s marching band. I went to the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy.

yep,IV, I played clarinet. It was fun, but somehow I always managed to break my reeds.[/b]

Me too!! They crack too easily, especially Rico’s. Van Doren rules, and starts with V. :sunglasses:

Miriam, that’s really cool!! Our euphonium players are terrible. :laughing:

I used Rico’s.
I always had to replace them, and I probably still owe the band teacher like 20 bucks for reeds. :laughing:

It’s okay, I did the same thing. :laughing: