Who's your favorite Disney couple?

Yeah! I would probably be friends with him myself. I love goofy people, but I don’t love them. 8D And besides, his hair’s too dark. I prefer John Smith or Hercules myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

BB: Well, I personally think Phoebus would find Rapunzel too childish, especially since Esmeralda is the complete opposite of Rapunzel. Besides, I like Phoebus/Esmeralda and Flynn/Rapunzel. 8D

True. She can act a bit childish at some points. I would love to see a Quasi/Rapunzel couple.

Aw, Quasi and Rapunzel would be cute <3

Ew. Just ew. That’s why I hate the sequel; the point was that he didn’t get the girl, but he was still happy. Am I the only person who actually likes Rapunzel and Flynn together?

I don’t really care for Disney couple but I guess Aladdin/Jasmine.

That’s exactly what the sequel was about. The first was really more about Quasi being accepted by the outside world. I guess Quasi was still upsect that he didn’t get Esmeralda, who I thought wasn’t his type.

I know it’s all fan speculation, but I am not really a fan of crossover pairings. Just my opinion thoug.

It’s alright. Crossovers are better off in fan-fictions imo.

I agree. And I usually hate crossover fanfiction aswell.

Well, I like crossovers, if they make sense! So with that I mean Banjo-Kazooie and Conker, not Donkey Kong and My Little Pony. :stuck_out_tongue:

But eh, favourite Disney couple? I dunno really, I think I like Rapunzel and Flynn best. :3

There are a lot of Frollo+Esmeralda fans out there. No pun atendened.

I know that there are many synlets (syndrome and VIolet) on fanfiction.net.

Syndrome is like 25, why would he date a 13 year old?

What do you know, they’re shippers. xD Believe me, there’s a lot worse stuff on the Internet. But yes, I do find that premise a bit disturbing as well.

Oh! I forgot one pairing I really like; Tarzan and Jane. :3

Still, the age diffrence is kinda weird.

It’s purely fandom. Appearently, people think that that couple is better than the vi/tony couple.

It may be that Tony only had about 3 lines.

But it seemed to be the most natural pairing.

It seems so, but some people seem to like this Violet/Syndrome thing.

Yeah, I’ve seen way too many fanarts, fan fics, and fansites about them.