Who's your favorite Disney couple?

So, I know this is kind of a typical question, and just like the Pixar thread. But, who’s your favorite Disney couple from a Disney animated feature? And yes, if your favorite is from a sequel, go for it.

Are they allowed to be a crossover couple or just a couple from a film? Anyway, I kind of like Aladdin and Jasmine as the best couple.

If pixar isn’t included, then i love flynn and rapunzel.

Ballboi: of course!! Any Disney couple. :wink:

I love Aladdin/Jasmine and Rapunzel/Flynn!!

My list is

1)Belle/Adam(the Beast)
2)Aladdin/Jasmine tied with Flynn/Rapunzel
3)Ariel & Eric
4)Meg and Hercules
5)Tarzan and Jane
6)Phoebus and Esmeralda

Flynn/Rapunzel was an alright couple, but it’s not as great as Jasmine and Aladdin.

That’s your opinion. :wink: I love them equally personally.

nice list IV.

That’s true. I mean, if you like Rapunzel/Flynn better it’s fine with me.

I like them equally. I feel that both pairs have equally well rounded males and females. :wink:

Thanks! :smiley:

I kind of seeing Flynn being with somebody else, maybe Esmeralda?

I like Tarzan and Jane :slight_smile:

Could Peter & Wendy count? <3

That might be because he looks like Phoebus. But he clearly loves Rapunzel. XD

: of course that counts!

Great choice definedancing!

Thanks, IV :slight_smile:

I really like them too, as a couple, and as characters.

Yeah, as cliche as it sounds, I love the whole “opposites attract” story with them, and how they teach eachother. <3

I don’t know though. I could see Flynn being quite a pest to Esmeralda. 8D

They are so cute!!

I don’t think Flynn and Esmeralda would get on very well personally either. 8D

I love Flynn but he’s an acquired taste! 8D

Hmm. What do you think about Rapunzel/Phoebus being a couple IV?