Whose super powers would you have?

Out of the family, of course (not including Jack Jack obviously).

Bob - Superhuman strength
Helen - Super Stretchy
Violet - Being able to disappear and create a force field
Dash - Lightning speed

For me, it would have to be Violet, more specifically for being able to disappear (that would be awesome).

I’ve always wished I had Helen’s powers. 8D

I’d want Violet’s powers. Disappearing would be cool, and the force field would probably come in handy. :laughing:

I would defiantly want Violet’s powers :-D) ! It would be so awesome to be able to turn invisible. But I’d be eager to use those force fields :wink: . I think there could be a lot to discover with them. And if they were used correctly, they could be used as an offensive force, or maybe even as a flying mechanism. And flying is a dream of mine…

I’d love mind-reading!

Out of those I kinda like Violet’s power to turn invisible, but if I could pick anyone’s, I’d definitely want Frozone’s ice powers!

I personally would love to have Dash’s powers! I really enjoy running, so if I could be able to run at speeds like that, that’d be crazy awesome… I don’t think you can watch the “100 Mile Dash” scene without at least sorta wanting to run like that! Although I must admit, I’d love to have any one of the Parrs’ powers! :smiley:

Well, it’s not really a super-power featured in the movie (unless you count Syndrome’s Zero-Point Energy), but I would want telekinesis.

Probably Elastigirl’s.

I do kind of wonder how far Violet’s powers can go, though. Can she move those force fields? If so, I’d probably pick her.

I think I would love to have dash’s power and be very fast! I can go anywhere in short time :slight_smile:

Honestly, I would have Syndrome’s gadgets. Granted, they’re not really “powers”, but I love his technology.

Yeah, he kind of reminds me of the Green Goblin and Batman. Intelligent guys with no powers who used their money to create a cool suit with its own powers.

I love the gadget guys like batman.

That’s a tough one.

I’d probably take Violet’s powers, since I’m usually soft spoken in most cases, quite ironically I’m also skinny too.