Why isn't there a WALL•E template UP yet?

Why isn’t there a WALL•E template UP yet?


What do you mean by ‘template’? There’s a WALL-E theme, but if that’s not what you mean, then I’m not sure.

lizardgirl - I believe that JOHN•E is referring to the custom Pixar themes on the Upcoming Pixar blog/website/page, themes which including everything from Toy Story to Ratatouille. A WALL-E theme has not been created for that particular page yet, however.

I wondered this myself after browsing the Upcoming Pixar website/blog. Perhaps “Mell” simply hasn’t created a “template” for that page yet?

– Mitch

Yes that is what I meant.


Ah, I see now.

Nope, I don’t know why. :laughing:

Well our wonderful web designer Mell, like the rest of us, is busy with other things and all of this site is run in our spare time.

It’ll come. We just need to be patient.

I can’t wait to see it. Tell Mell that I wish her the best of luck making it.

I’ve wondered this too, maybe their busy. They have a life outside of Pixar Planet! (I hope)

There are WALL-E Templates if you hsven’t seen them!