Will o' the wisps

I love these things. They’re both cute and cool looking. I wish Disney would sell toys of these things like Studio Ghibli sells toys of the kodama from Princess Mononoke.

Fun fact: in real life, wisps were causes by the chemicals in bogs. People really did follow them, believing they would find their fate or destiny. You could say it was true, because they would sink into the bog, and die. They find the preserved bodies in bogs today.

The wisps are indeed very cool. I love the way they were designed! They’re quite intriguing little guys :slight_smile: That reminds me – my cousin made a wisp costume last year, if you can believe it! She used a lot of sparkly blue eyeshadow for facepaint… it was so coolz…

That sounds adorable!

I love the design of these. They’re so mystical and beautiful. They really stand out from the rest of the set when they’re used in a scene, which I love.

^Totally agree with that! That glowing blue looks amazing in the dark greenish foreground.